And be sure to keep Glendale a wage ghetto too guys


No doubt keeping Glendale’s minimum wage well below that of L.A.’s will be No.1 on their list here.

This is hilarious. A built-in city government special interest lobbying group for the sake of private employers:


New Glendale team will take proactive stance on business development

In an effort to better measure business satisfaction and the city’s growth, Glendale officials recently created a team tasked with block-by-block outreach of the city’s businesses.

Formed in June, the Glendale Relationship Initiation Team, or GRIT, is a program of the city’s Economic Development Department and will bring a combination of representatives from different departments to meet with major employers in Glendale.

Jennifer McLain, the city’s principal economic development officer, said GRIT is a way to form tighter relationships with office users and top employers by letting them know the city wants to retain their business and help them grow.


Whatever you need boys. Because we’re working for you.

Here’s the best part:


The closed-door meetings will be held twice a month…


Of course!


Why is “business satisfaction” the city’s business? And why is it the city’s obligation to “help them grow…”?

Like these businesses will ever stay loyal? They’ll leave at the drop of a hat, and for any reason at all.




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