Let us pray

For Chick-fil-A?


Chick-fil-A is Coming to Burbank!


We’re excited to confirm we’re coming to the City of Burbank at the former site of El Torito at Olive and Alameda. While we don’t have more details or timing to confirm just yet, stay tuned to our web site for more information. For now, here’s a bit about us:


Like where do we start.

You can fill in your own answer on that one. We’ve have heard that the **We Love Burbank!** Facebook page has gotten as much of positive reaction to this news as when they were all going around town and chasing down those un-taxed beggars and gypsies.

After Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and now Chick-Fil-A, we’re wondering what could possibly be next for Burbank. You can only imagine the white-ass demographics these people are playing off of to all wanna be here. When right-wing outfits absolutely fight to be in the place you know something’s gotta be wrong with Burbank.





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10 responses to “Let us pray

  1. DixieFlyer

    It must depress you that WHITE FRONT stores are out of business!!

  2. Anonymous

    We got the only Wienerschnitzel that has beer.

  3. chad

    Word police!!! It’s Der Wienerschnitzel. (I actually learned that watching a City Council Meeting. I’m not joking.) Say what you will about DW, but they have cheep beer on ice. Always good in a pinch. Semi, we don’t say gypsies anymore. We say “Roma.” It is confounding to say the least that with all the possibilities we end up with friggin’ Chic-Fil-a. I guess Le Petit Chateau wasn’t looking to expand. Our new neighbors coming to Talaria will be disappointed. I think this shows true vision on the part of the city though. They needed a demographic counterbalance to Whole Foods down the street.

  4. Irwin Fletcher

    Clearly our city leaders will do anything to bring in more mega-chains to raise revenue. However, why would you celebrate businesses that are closed on Sundays? Doesn’t that automatically handicap your chances for making tons of cash (ie. sales tax)? That just deflates any justification to me, but at least the local residents get one day without parking hassles.

  5. DixieFlyer

    Some comments make me wonder.
    Ever since the Redevelopment Agency went bye-bye, what incentives can the City Staff offer one store over the other?
    The facts seem to indicate that the Landlords & Tenants negotiate the price point to locate in our Fair City.
    Businesses have to invest money to make money.
    What do Conservatives or Liberals have to do with it?
    Walmart has been open -Successfully for ONE YEAR, already.
    They bought the Land, they bought the Building.
    Staff got IN THE WAY!!!

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