Mainstream media now says Dems need to help “fix” Trumpcare


It’s up to them!

If only everyone wasn’t so partisan these days and would just reach across that aisle…





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One response to “Mainstream media now says Dems need to help “fix” Trumpcare

  1. Al in SoCal

    No comments because even Republicans are ashamed at how UNChristian like their bill is … how inHUMANE their bill is – how utterly disgusting their party really is. The scourge of humanity does exist … and it’s quite obvious on the floor of the Congress and the Senate.

    Even the Donald called the bill “mean”, so that should tell you something about it.

    Here is what we (Democrats) could do. We could let everything the Republicans want to do – are drooling to do … pass:

    1. Get rid of Medicaid
    2. Get rid of SS – for folks under 50
    3. BAN all abortions – who cares if you were raped by Dad
    4. Institute teachings of the Bible in all public schools
    5. Scuttle ALL social programs and rather distribute $$ to religious private organizations
    6. Scuttle same-sex marriage ruling

    Those 5 items right there – let them pass. This is really what our electorate voted for. I say – let the populace sit at the table they set.

    THEN perhaps they might take voting seriously?

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