Hey Will, here’s why us “kneejerk haters” hate Burbank


There’s actually a much bigger issue going on here about the blatant exaltation of property interests over regular folks. That’s what’s really behind this week’s sought for changes in city government, and we’ll of course be writing about it more in the future.

But for now, this heaven sent recommendation (for us at least) from staff deserves to be repeated in print:

For example, should the Landlord-Tenant Commission be comprised of a landlord, tenant, and property manager? This five member board hears cases for both landlords and tenants. A mix to consider could be two landlords, two tenants and one property manager, or at least one of each. Initially, Council may wish to focus any desired qualifications to BCC appointments with delegated authority.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a better or more blatant example of bad faith and unfair dealing coming out of city hall. Who in their right mind would think it was a good idea to deliberately stack a tenant-complaint commission in favor of the local landlord interests?

We kind of feel sorry for the council on this one, really. Some of them have often pointed the LTC out to constituents who came to them for help with landlord disputes. Rogers in particular.

Don’t they feel foolish now to see that their very own staff members refuse to take the Landlord-Tenant Commission seriously? Or fairly? But hey, at least we know now for sure whose side the city is on.

That’s some Democrats you got there Will. And you won’t do a thing about it.




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