Another Burbank injustice


Anyone with half a brain actually believe this story?


Three siblings, two of whom were third-strike candidates, will spend several years behind bars after being convicted Thursday of attempting to break into a Burbank home.

The conviction comes after Donald Trotter, Destiny Trotter and Daven Trotter were arrested by Burbank police officers on the evening of Jan. 18 after an 80-year-old woman in the 3000 block of North Naomi Street reported seeing two suspicious people around her home.

Burbank Police Sgt. Derek Green said the woman was able to see the people looking into her home with a flashlight and doing something with a side gate.

According to Green, a vehicle was parked in front of the home with its brake lights on, and its driver attempted to speed away when officers arrived. Police were able to stop the vehicle and detained its three occupants.

Green said one of the siblings acted as the getaway driver, while the other two were at the woman’s house.


All based upon hearsay, btw.


Officers soon discovered a broken dead-bolt lock on the home’s side gate and determined the three had attempted to break in. However, they were interrupted when the woman called 911.


A broken “dead-bolt”? On a side gate?

It wasn’t a dead bolt lock. It was a pin latch, which always gets broken anyway. We’ve seen a lot of gates.  And no “burglary tools” anywhere?

But let’s not interrupt the hyperbole…


The siblings were each charged with a count of attempted burglary by the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office. All three had been on parole for a different residential burglary at the time of the attempted break-in, Green said.

“Destiny and Donald were third-strike candidates when they were arrested,” Green said.

Donald Trotter, 23, of Lancaster was sentenced to 35 years to life in prison, while Destiny Trotter, 26, of Adelanto will spend 40 years to life behind bars. Daven Trotter, 22, of Los Angeles was given a nine-year sentence.


WTF! Even if they were truly guilty of this attempt, evidence of which again was based solely upon one-source speculation and testimony, and police theorizing, those are ridiculously cruel punishments.

Watcha’ wanna bet they’re Black. Known any white kids named Daven or Destiny?

The comments attached to the Leader article are — being that this is Burbank — typical:



A hopeless town. It really is. Nothing will ever improve here for the better.

Hello, council Democrats! You got a place to be proud of.







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12 responses to “Another Burbank injustice

  1. Citizen Cane

    Semi: you should have become a cop. You would have investigated these break-ins and would have let these bad guys go.

    • semichorus

      There was no break-in.

      There was also no evidence that they’d done anything. The “dead bolt” line was after-the-fact posturing, a desperate seeking of something to tie them in on.

      Forty years for this? A non-violent crime at worst? At WORST?

      You people are animals.

      • DixieFlyer

        ,,,,and what you fail to mention is which attorney’s were representing them???

        While the local rag failed to mention their legal representation, you we expect better from.

        This trio had the following representation……………………


        BTW, no matter what color you choose, Adelanto & Lancaster are quite a distance to travel to see Grandma!!!

        • Jermie Sheard

          People travel vast distances to see family all the time. No one deserves this amount of time for a non violent crime, period!

  2. Anonymous

    What time of day or night did this occur? They had prior burglary convictions and had to be on this persons property. I’m sure you enjoy random strangers showing in your backyard at all times of day or night with their “uber” conveniently waiting for all of you to go out for ice cream. These are career criminals at some point they need to be put away for good because they cannot live an honest life. They had two opportunities (strikes) to shape up and could not do it. This isnt the “man/society” holding them back this is their choice and they can live with their decisions now. Black, white, brown, or purple if you are living a shady lifestyle expect rough ending in jail or 6 feet under.

  3. Anonymous

    Glad they were busted. Same MO happened two doors away. I watched the replay from my security cameras no tools just break windows to get in.

  4. Anonymous

    I had someone shine a flashlight in my place in Burbank. I was so stupid that I thought it might be a police officer. Three days later, I had a window broken and they tried to get in.
    These sentences do seem extreme. It’s so lucrative to be a burglar that it’s difficult to rehabilitate them.

  5. Anonymous

    I guess they were DESTINED to rot in prison!

  6. Anonymous

    Can you say body cameras? Why does the City Manager insist the PD get cameras when the City is in a critical fiscal deficit because the City leaders did not pay the pension costs? Does not make sense to me … can someone ask him or the chief?

    • Annonymous

      When a chunk of money came in due to the sale of the Hilton, our illustrious staff recommended spending every penny.
      The Citizen’s spoke-up and urged some money towards the Pension Debt.
      Some employee’s remember. Thanks.

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