Nice try, staff. But packing the city’s boards and commissions with pre-vetted members of the local establishment helps just whom?


More on this tomorrow, but for those who are interested in these kind of things we recommend a quick check of staff’s latest agendized scheme to pack your Burbank boards and commissions with both additional members and pre-approved establishment picks.

Basically, staff now wants the city council to:

— Consolidate several older and less vital commissions (to marginal effect),

— Consider increasing the actual membership size of two or three of the more important ones (a la old-fashioned court packing, to maximum effect), and,

— Impose much stricter qualification requirements on future board and commission appointments (stressing of course prior experience in the specific areas of concern, business and property ownership, or membership in Leadership Burbank).

Yeah. Talk about guaranteeing more agreeable and “collegial ” picks for your city groups, eh? What a blatant attempt to handpick pre-approved applicants to help suit the business at hand.

Who needs those annoying, pesky mavericks. We’ve had enough of that. Isn’t that right?


Btw, here’s an example of one of staff’s new suggestions:

For example, should the Landlord-Tenant Commission be comprised of a landlord, tenant, and property manager? This five member board hears cases for both landlords and tenants. A mix to consider could be two landlords, two tenants and one property manager, or at least one of each. Initially, Council may wish to focus any desired qualifications to BCC appointments with delegated authority.

Hey, yeah, that’s a mix to consider for sure. It would absolutely guarantee a 3-2 LTC vote against tenants.

Jesus. See why we hate Burbank? No one who deals in good faith would come up with such a ridiculously biased proposal for a tenant-complaint group. Talk about wanting an unfair setup from the get-go.








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10 responses to “Nice try, staff. But packing the city’s boards and commissions with pre-vetted members of the local establishment helps just whom?

  1. Burbanker

    Is this page malfunctioning ? I was just reading a message and after watching the video I come back and everything is gone ? Is it my device or is it this page ?

  2. Anonymous

    As if the boards and commissions had enough power to be remotely consequential.

  3. Anonymous

    Another power grab away from the residents and regular folk.

    • semichorus

      And in violation of the 1950 city charter that lionized the idea of residential participation, as opposed to the earlier trend in Burbank govt that had encouraged the participation of outside business and economic interests. They saw where that one led…

      Albano has a peculiar interpretation of the Charter. It involves the claim that only those boards and commissions in existence at the time of its first passing need to adhere to the strict residency requirement for membership (she once got outraged when Gordon asked her for the legal citation behind this theory.)

      So expect these new “reorganized” groups to contain nonresident members. I fear that’s one reason behind the desire to reorganize them.

  4. Casual Observer

    I would swear that I saw comments on this post early this morning before I went to work. Are posts being removed from the blog?

    • semichorus

      Some off-topic ones showed up for a second. I’m taking a hard line now on trolls who deliberately attempt to disrupt the Burbank issues.

  5. Karmel

    Isn’t this story by you “Schiff knows to keep Pelosi” violating your rules about local news ? How about Donald Trump on a golf course in a golf cart ? That is not local news. You are acting like CNN dude.

    • semichorus

      You’re welcome to reply politically to non-Burbank political postings.

      What’s NOT going to happen any more is this deliberate attempt to hijack Burbank-related pieces in order to thwart the debate and interfere with the message.

      This was happening all the time during the airport issue. Like with this current piece above that absolutely proves staff bad faith about how they’re mickey mousing around with our boards and commissions, whenever the airport boosters would get nailed about something here there’d be an automatic off-topic attempt to pollute the posting with all variety of nutcase crap.

      It was deliberate; it was organized; it was used as an opportunity to defame and point fingers at this blog; and it’s not going to happen any more.

  6. chad

    I think it’s interesting that at some point the MAGA crowd started piling on. It means you were getting to them. I commend you for your patience. During the GOP congressional members shooting, I started to post downright lies to counter them to show how absurd their game was. They didn’t get it and they took me seriously. In the post-fact world, debate becomes a very strange thing.

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