The sex scolds continue their nasty work


Ridiculous. The guy was obviously joking, as well as being obviously led on by this morally upright tape recordist — who btw was breaking the law in California to have been recording him without two-party permission.


Uber rideshare company has acted swiftly to get a driver who some are calling offensive off the streets.

A passenger recorded the driver and sent in a complaint to Uber. The driver is heard saying, “My dream is to have some drunk chick by herself also going home at the end of my shift, and she wants me to come in. That would be the perfect ending to my day.”

A man, who wants to remain anonymous, said that the recording is from a conversation with a passenger during a ride in San Jose, California.

The driver is also heard saying, “Half the work is already done, man. She’s isolated and she’s drunk.”


Keep in mind that the operant term here is that she invites him in.  Which apparently is now viewed as a gang rape fantasy on the part of males.


When a passenger asks if that would be taking advantage, the driver says, “I will get really drunk too and then I can’t be held responsible.”


The guy’s obviously joking. And what if this fictional woman invites him in, gives him a great blowjob, and then climbs on top? Who’s the “rapist” then?

(No of course, such things never happen. But the courts would have a hard time figuring it all out, as well as would the woman.)


The man who recorded the video told ABC sister station KGO-TV he thought the driver crossed the line, so he posted the video on Facebook as a warning to women in San Jose.

He also complained to Uber and said the company was very responsive.


What a hero this guy is. Even if women get drunk and want to fuck, he’s there to protect them from those males.


Uber released a statement to KGO-TV that read:

“The comments in this video are disturbing and do not represent our driver-partner community. This driver has been banned from Uber.”

Frequent Uber users said they’re happy about the swift action.
“Cause it would make me extremely uncomfortable to know that they were OK with somebody who spoke like that (while) driving their cars,” said Marissa Garcia, an Uber user.

But some remain skeptical.

“I don’t know what Uber really does to ensure their drivers are qualified or that they are actually decent people,” said Lenka Lukacova, an Uber user.


Jesus Christ, the absolute hypocrisy and dishonesty going on here.

This is all about fear and hatred of sex — in a current, logically twisted, 21st-century permutation of the old sex-shaming routines of yore — as well as part of the continuing attempt to get everybody in the world in trouble for absolutely everything.

Meanwhile, the rich screw us all.












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9 responses to “The sex scolds continue their nasty work

  1. Burbanker

    News Alert. Rachel Madcow completed her investigation and she found Hillar lost due to inclament weather. It was caused by a Russian Weatherman.

    • semichorus

      Rachel Maddow I agree is a phony. Liberal Bob Somerby just impaled her this week on a blatant lie about Fife Symington, where she completely mispronounced his name. She wouldn’t have (couldn’t have) if her story was true.

  2. Anonymous

    And the apologies for the rapists continues. Keep it up, Jimbo.

    • semichorus

      You’re a liar. You’ve also obviously also never had a woman drink and party and then want to fuck you.

      Or else you’re a real hypocritical liar.

      Or, a lying woman.

  3. Anonymous

    Can’t remember when we weren’t both drunk. It’s the best sex that morning stuff blows.

    • semichorus

      Funny. You’ve both been raping each other continually. Better turn yourselves in.

      Under the current legal standards for rape (which the ACLU objects to), as well as the now unlimited lifetime statute of limitations for sexual assault allegations (which the ACLU also says is terrible), everyone who is now under the age of 40 will eventually end up in jail.

      Alcohol = no consent = rape (even if you’re just rubbing their knob a bit, because your dick doesn’t even have to be hard to be guilty of the charge); and no time limit on prosecutions. So if you’re rich someday (male or female), and/or you once went out with someone who turns into a complete whack-job 30 years later (no pun intended), bye-bye…

      See ‘ya at Rikers.

      That’s what the ACLU has been trying to warn people about with these new rules. Not just us “rape apologists.”

  4. Anonymous

    What do you want to bet the Uber passenger was gay?

    • semichorus

      Oh, no doubt. Gays have special insight into male/female relations.

      They’re also better people than straights. Everyone knows that from TV. So thank god they’re watching out for women’s straying sexuality under booze.

      This whole story is so fucking condescending to women who are adults. They can’t get drunk and fuck in any way, because the rest of us know better. Especially the higher males.

      (btw– I can’t wait to see the first female-female rape case prosecuted under the new rules of no drugs or alcohol and no attempted penetration at all. I suspect that after a couple of these cases the new rules will quickly fall apart.)

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