Schiff knows to keep Pelosi



The news media today is telling Dems that they need to replace Nancy Pelosi because the Republicans don’t like her and will keep using her to run against in the future.

Like they’d stop at her?





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29 responses to “Schiff knows to keep Pelosi

  1. Citizen Cane

    Pelosi is the ACE in the GOPs pocket. Her stupid statements have earned massive replays on the air. She is a true liberal!

  2. Burbank Troll

    We are very lucky that Trump is dismantling the progressive shit-hole that was created over the last 8 years (and even some FDR stuff) . meanwhile the snowflakes are distracted by shiny things. Love it!

    • Anonymous

      You oppose human progress?

      • Joey 7

        The progressive liberal agenda is not and has not been human progress. It has been regressive and the entire world state of affairs is screaming to end it before it becomes too late. Progressive is just a self given name and has nothing to do with progress.

        • Anonymous

          The abolition of slavery was not human progress?
          Voting rights for minorities and women was not human progress?

          • Burbank Establishment Hack aka BCOC

            “The abolition of slavery was not human progress?” I assume you mean the abolition of slavery in the United States. Yes, of course it was, but it had nothing to do with ideology of ‘progressivism’. That was not even invented yet. You people on the left are getting pretty desperate.

            • Mark

              Um the Democrats fought to keep slavery and when they lost started the KKK. Somebody needs to read up on history.

  3. Silent Majority

    The Democrats have a leadership of old white rich people. Here is a Democrat talking truth

    • semichorus

      Jesus. The insane hypocrisy.

      What is it going to take to destroy you people? Because that’s the only answer.

  4. Penguin

    Schiff is an old white male who hates old white males. Get out of here

  5. Carl

    Hey Burbank Troll you hit it on the head, the snowflakes are out for anything free no matter how shitty it is. Johnson’s great society ended up causing crime, single family homes, unemployment and dependence. It is time to restore hope, not fake hope and change but real hope especially in our inner cities.

  6. Anonymous

    The fact is that she is the leader of the party in the House. When the party loses the chamber it is traditional that the leader at the time resign the leadership, it being held that he or she is responsible for the failures as well as the victories.

    She really should have stepped down in 2010, when the Rethugs took the House back. Had she done so she certainly would not have been featured in ads against the Dem candidates in those recent special elections.

    • semichorus

      Yes, she would have.

      And if it hadn’t been her, it would have been some other Democrat slurred. Because Republicans are bigots. That’s how they roll.

      • Jay

        DemoRatz don’t ever need to be slurred. Their own insanity soeaks for itself. Listen to Pelosi for 90 seconds and you know your lystening to complete insanity. She has forgotten in numerous occasions recently who the president is. Pelosi is an insane person.

  7. Annonymous

    Minority Leaders are generally selected based on their Election Performance..

  8. chad

    The fact is that none of you would fucking be here if it wasn’t for FDR. Crawl back into your holes now. Semi, this is the apotheosis of the right wing surge. We’re just going to have watch it all explode and, as before, the progressives will have to pick up the pieces.

    • semichorus

      Yup. Twas ever thus.

      The Republicans destroy; the Democrats preserve and create.

      • Robert

        Yes we destroyed your Democrat plantions and ended slavery. Now we will destroy your party plantion and free the sheep. #MAGA

    • Fred

      I would be here and just fine without FDR the guys who was so bad they changed the Constitution to make sure a disaster like him never happened again

  9. Ray

    I say the Dems keep Pelosi and make Maxine Waters head of the DNC and the Democratic Party. Man would that be amusing and all the liberal nut jobs would have no problem following those two mental patients.

  10. Joey 7

    As the truth comes out. Now Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders all under investigation. Schiff seems to think there is also reason to look into Obam. And CNN does some house cleaning and retractions on some of their fake news. I always knew the truth would prevail, no more screaming Russia now.

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