News blackout


No matter how many times Gloria Allred tried to remind the jurors of her presence…

One [Cosby] juror told ABC News on Wednesday that ten of the 12 jurors voted to convict Cosby on two counts of aggravated indecent assault, but two people on the panel continued to hold out, leading to a deadlocked jury and a mistrial.

However, a different juror told CNN affiliate WPXI that jurors were in a “true deadlock” and that votes were generally split along 7-5 or 5-7 votes for most of the deliberations.

That sounds more like it, because the case against him is that hinkie. You can be sure that if it had been only one or two holdouts against acquittal, the court would have announced it to the world. That’s standard practice in this current pro-prosecution world.

Btw, here’s another question that we’re sure people will find offensive. But too fucking bad:

Much has been made of the fact that Cosby gave these women money, or at least paid for a number of services and benefits (such as college tuition) after claims were made against him, and that this is clear proof of his consciousness of guilt.

But like Sinatra and Carson before him, didn’t Cosby also have a long history of being generous to people to begin with? Back in the old days he was known to be a notoriously soft touch when it came to helping people who needed it.

And maybe too he and Camille had what they used to call an “open marriage”? Remember the best-selling book?

Yes. How dare we question today’s moral propriety.


Image result for open marriage book

Rather than admit that they probably had what used to be called in the olden days “an understanding,” it’s much easier to pronounce him blameworthy about it all. That could explain one reason why Camille Cosby was so angry at the entire proceeding. It’s also no one’s business but their own.







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6 responses to “News blackout

  1. Anonymous

    Sixty women say that Cosby is a rapist. Sixty.

    • semichorus

      Not so. Have you read the claims?

      A good number of them involve allegations of “groping” and attempted “kissing.” At places like the Playboy Mansion (!) No insertion, even by the incredibly broad 2017 standards of “rape,” let alone the 1970’s.

      Others allege admitted consensual sex, but supposed later realizations of “drugs” being involved. Sometimes years later.

      And they were all corralled together by the same tort attorneys, one of whom just got into big trouble by trying to tamper with the jury by calling attention to her famous self in court.

      Twice. She got banned by the judge.

      Do people even READ the details about these allegations? Or do they just believe everything they hear from the scolds and self-righteous?

  2. Leagle beagle

    A 10-2 split towards conviction would have resulted in a judicial order to return to deliberations and try to break the deadlock. 5-7 no. Movement downward towards acquittal would have caused most judges to be concerned about effect of continued deliberation. Judge obviously saw where this was going and called a mistrial.

    • semichorus

      Yes, I was struck by how short the deliberations were.

      They obviously started going off a cliff for the prosecution. I also know that when there’s only one or two holdouts the whole WORLD knows about it.

      Like at the first Phil Spector trial. The foreman — who everyone had said was so great and orderly during the trial — didn’t end up believing the prosecution.

      He was the holdout!

      • Leagle beagle

        Spector was a stronger case than Cosby. Spector’s 2nd trial also suffered from the avenging angel juror syndrome, which Cosby attorneys need to watch for.

        • semichorus

          As did Oj’s civil trial. The West LA jury pool all lied to get on there, for “Ron and Nichole…” Chemerinsky wrote a great piece about his problems with that trial.

          I’m sure Cosby will get convicted. The judge will make sure of it. The tears will flow during that second trial — tears which — in the old days — would have been grounds for an automatic mistrial. Judges never used to allow such phony tactics.

          Now everyone cries in court. Cops, witnesses, reporters, the jurors. It’s the new substitute for brains.

          Because people care so much…!

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