What does any of this have to do with “sustainability”?


This is from the agenda for tonight’s meeting of the “Sustainable Burbank Commission”…


VIII. AD HOC MOBILITY AND URBAN DESIGN SUBCOMMITTEE REPORT At its July 20, 2015, meeting, the Commission agreed to form the ad hoc Mobility and Urban Design Subcommittee to discuss the bicycle plan, the network of bikeways, public transportation, and pedestrian corridors as they relate to sustainability in the community. The Subcommittee may give an update on its activities. The Commission may ask questions, engage in discussion, and provide feedback.


What this actually is — besides a prime example of verbal and bureaucratic convolution — is a clear and continued attempt to build a cheer-leading section for Burbank development. Sustainable “bikeways”?

Pedestrian corridors?

These off-topic concerns are an intrusion on the supposed original purpose of the Commission. But that’s really no surprise, because the above is also nothing more than a laundry list of what staff has already decided the city must have. And because we’re going to have them here for sure (for sustainability’s sake), we must also then build the kind of “21st-century” infrastructure that makes it all possible. That’s where big development comes in.

See how it works? Project an artificial need and a solution, and it shall come to be. And then get as many people as possible to have a stake in the proceedings to validate and rubber-stamp the big new projects. All for the sake of … you got it, sustainability.

Btw, under state law, “ad hoc” subcommittees need neither published agendas nor open meetings. Because they’re considered to be temporary and short-term (ad hoc), they’re not subject to the Brown Act.

But Burbank’s gotten into trouble before for maintaining supposed ad hoc “subcommittees” that went well into permanent or semi-permanent status. So let’s see how this one turns out, and what it comes up with.



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3 responses to “What does any of this have to do with “sustainability”?

  1. Johnny Carson

    I attended this meeting. They ended that sub-committee saying it had completed it’s work. There is one other sub-committee they have open – something about an award for going green. They said that one will end next meeting.
    That is interesting that sub-committees are not subject to the Brown Act. “I did not know that.”

    • semichorus

      Ad hoc aren’t.

      Burbank got in trouble on this a couple of years ago, but not here. Once they become semi-regular open ended they have to follow the open meetings law.

      Question: do any of the members ever OBJECT to ideas like bike lanes or pedestrian walkways?

  2. Jonny Carson

    Yes a few, but not the majority. A previous mtg had some talking about the negative impact 1st st project will have on everything especially traffic and parking. But like other committeees, they spin their wheels and its all talk. So many of these committees are Advisory only, they can take zero action in “Beautiful downtown Burbank.”

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