Happy Juneteenth








Sometimes we just hate being white.





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15 responses to “Happy Juneteenth

  1. Citizen Cane

    Why? Whites fought and died to preserve the Union and abolished slavery. The US Government provided reparations after the Civil War ended to get the freed slaves a start.

  2. DixieFlyer

    Not exactly the “local” news I had in mind.
    City Council will be DARK tomorrow night, again.
    Does anyone know why?
    How about an update on Progress or Lack Of Progress on the work on Interstate 5-Victory Place, etc.?
    As a matter of fact, every other week there SHOULD be an Update.
    Five Points, as Victory Place, Victory and Burbank Boulevard was called managed to handle Lockheed’s shift change along with the Southern Pacific Mainline a whole lot better than the current MESS.
    Maybe Captain Underpants has a “Sustainable Plan” to share???
    Maybe Springer has an “Elevated Bike Path” that will reduce traffic through the area???
    C’mon Mr. semi, you can fill in the info for Tuesday night.
    Lord knows that the Follower won’t do it.

    • Dina

      Good points, Dixie.
      If left to the follower, we’ll hear more about parking and head counts.
      Just like clock work.
      We never hear about stupid remarks from Airport Commissioners like when that Adams dude wanted to rename it with Los Angeles!!!
      And he just got reappointed?
      That Interstate Five project has gone on forever, and evermore.
      Semi, we appreciate your efforts.
      I’m just not as old as you, and can’t remember 1860 stuff.

    • Bart

      Dixie Flyer what are you rambling about. The local news is at My Burbank and the City of Burbank Face Book Page. Our airport commissioners deserve respect they are bringing us a new up to date airport with nail saloons and everything we could need so show some respect.

  3. chad

    All excellent ideas and suggestions DF. They really are mailing it in.

  4. Rob

    Ok so the city council gets a night off because there is nothing to do in Burbank. This group was elected to resist and rest end of story. What is there to report when they do nothing

    • Anonymous

      Council is not meeting because there is no pressing business to conduct, and this gives Staff time to do other things than prepare for Council.

      • DixieFlyer

        That’s part of the problem.

        It’s those “other things” that scare many of us.

        Have you read some of the babbling staff reports?
        Why is the City Council DARK?

        What ideas do our illustrious Members have about the Budget?

        What ideas do Council Members have to REDUCE spending?

        Staff ideas are running a DEFICIT.

        Are there too many OVERPAID staff?

        It’s time to put City Council Members on the spot, in an OPEN MEETING with members of the Public watching and the City Attorney with a muffin in her mouth.

        Hopefully a BROWN muffin, at that.

  5. Anonymous

    The fucking meetings wouldn’t go to 3am if they had one each week!

  6. Jazmine

    The interstate 5 will be changed to a bike / walk path. We are part of the Paris Climate Accords now and will become pro planet and sustainable. You are all so short sighted. The gas tax increases and the License fee increases are only the beginning to removing all vehicles and as they disappear the bike lanes and walking paths will be very important. The infrastructure for a vehicle-less society in favor of the planet are happening now. We need laws to force people to be more sustainable.

    • Anonymous

      I want what your smoking even Paris isn’t banning cars.

    • Donna

      Speaking again about Interstate 5, what’s the story on the tear-down of the Burbank Blvd. Bridge?
      Is that part of the Bikeway Bullshit?
      For over 55 years the only way across (without a car) was on the south side.
      Somehow we survived, and expedited the movement of cars & trucks.
      Now, word has it that Springer and her enviromaniacs want Caltrans to allow bikes on both sides–at what cost?

      • DixieFlyer

        Well Donna, our illustrious City Council had a rep from CalTrans before them tonight.
        Their concern seemed to focus on whether we could get the name BURBANK emblazoned upon the bridge structure itself.
        Of course, that would be paid for by you & me.
        Where’s the concern about traffic displacement?

        • semichorus

          These people are a nightmare. No sense, no judgment, and no class.

          “Burbank,” eh? Like “Selma” on U.S. 99. Remember that?

          Why don’t they rename San Fernando Blvd “Business ‘5’” while they’re at it.

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