Burbank: Where concept and execution collide

Your guess is as good as ours.


Lots of ideas need to stay on the drawing board. This is one of them.

$350,000/3 = X. How long before this thing gets wrestled to the ground?



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5 responses to “Burbank: Where concept and execution collide

  1. chad

    Perfect corporate merger. Friggin Amazon buys out Whole Foods. Amazon chief pockets a cool 2.5 billion. What a damn world we live in now. Hey Talaria, how’s that project coming?

    • semichorus

      If this turns out to be like their psychotically conceived bookstores, what a disaster.

    • Jane

      Live in now ? Don’t tell me you ever believed that Talaria was all about bringing a Whole Foods to Burbank. Whole Foods has been losing tons of customers for some time, it has been in the news. These eco joints do not have the wide spread support some of you thought.

  2. Anonymous

    What x3? I thought it was 350,000 total!
    Did you read the material discription if its 5k in materials I’d be surprised. You could of decorated all the utility boxes like Glendale and Culver City have done.

    • semichorus

      Art pays. And trash pays better.

      Burbank: Land of Fools. This proves it.

      You’re right. Nothing better than when kids and parents decorated the Burbank fire hydrants for the Bicentennial. They even supplied the paint.

      Nowadays they wouldn’t be allowed to. A committee of august city leaders would instead be farming them out to qualified experts and “professional artists.”

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