When sex was funny


And everyone wasn’t a sanctimonious asshole.



Here’s to puncturing sacred cows. Imagine what could be done now with Cosby if anyone dared.

The Gap would do one of these each weekday at KPPC for a jeans company sponsor. It would usually be based on a current news story, and which Richard Beebe would deliver right beforehand in straight newscaster fashion.

As we remember, this particular one was about some kind of high school expulsion scandal (we actually heard this at the time on the fly). It’s funnier with the segue, but still funny enough.
This was about Carson balking at some contract renewal in 1971. He might be threatening to disappear, but…


No one’s ever this devastating any more. Why not?



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7 responses to “When sex was funny

  1. Anonymous

    As if there was not enough sex in the culture today. Sheese. What comedy on TV does not have sexual themes?

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