Nonsense. Their new “bookstores” are a complete disaster


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Wall Street of course is going crazy about this buyout — they’re obviously projecting all of their little digital fantasies about it:

Amazon’s Whole Foods Purchase Isn’t Just About Groceries. It’s About Everything.


Oh yeah? That’s hardly the case in reality, unless maybe you’re an ill-educated MBA grad who’s into hare-brained theorizing like all your delusional co-workers.

Been to one of those new Amazon “brick and mortar” bookstores they’re all equally extolling as much? Don’t bother. Just imagine the worst Waldenbooks you’d been into at the most mickey-mousiest mall in town, and then multiply it by about five. There’s no stock, no magazine selection to speak of, no “online” super-center with access to the heavens, and no discount pricing unless you’re a Prime Member at $100 a year. Unbelievably, it’s all list price.

And — except maybe in Seattle — they’re all half-empty. What else can you expect with only 4,000 titles?

For most purchases Whole Foods is also a loser unless you’re making at least 90g’s a year. Like exactly what is there to buy there that you can’t do better at TJ’s or Ralphs? Even their once-vaunted bulk foods section is shit– at least in their newer stores. That part of their business has been deprecated.

Nothing more delusional these days than rich people with too much cash on their hands. And their eager courtiers.






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4 responses to “Nonsense. Their new “bookstores” are a complete disaster

  1. Anonymous

    Amen, Semi.
    Enjoy the shiny bubble, citizens.
    And remember, Amazon is in bed with the CIA to the tune of $600 million for “data storage.”
    Ahem, Mr. Bezos.
    Can you say “hoist with one’s own petard?”
    Fuse is lit…..

  2. Anonymous

    I’d not bet against Amazon long term.

  3. Read the book “Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus” by Douglas Rushkoff. It examines the ill-advised quest for quarterly growth we’ve all grown accustomed to and that the shareholder class demands. This might be just another in a string of acquisitions Wall Street slobbers all over and then becomes a lackluster performer. However, I have a theory Bezos is really trying to kill brick and mortar bookshops once and for all. Buy up all the shops that are struggling, control how they slowly die and then shutter them for good leaving the white knight of ebooks to pick up the slack for die hards like me who prefer physical books.

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