The Republican response


Even when they’re victims they’re stupid.






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77 responses to “The Republican response

  1. Joel

    The shooter was a Democrat that supported Bernie Sanders. Open your eyes people.

  2. Jim

    Sanders upset it was a campaign worker of his who was the shooter. I am telling you these Democrat leaders need to chill out and stop trying to start a civil war. Their followers are beyond unhinged

  3. Bev

    James T. Hodgkinson the shooter was an outspoken Democratic Socialist and a Sanders follower. Sanders does not believe in our Republic he believes in socialism. The leadership of the Democratic party believes in globalism and their liberal ideology is a threat to our Constitution.

  4. Kim

    The worst violence happens in gun free and safe zones. What stopped he shooter ? a gun. Get out of here with your regressive gun restrictions innocent people should not be left defensless

  5. Anonymous

    You liberal Democrats are all about yourself and never about the country and you piss me off. See we conservatives are willing to die for our country and for our Constitution, We are not going to fall for some stupid argument that disregarding our constitution will make us safe. You socialists will never learn.

  6. Terry

    instead of pushing gung control let’s address the facts here. A liberal Democrat shot people. Conclusion could be ban all Democrats from possessing a gun, I do think that would reduce crime.

  7. Robert H

    A man showed up at a congressional baseball practice and asked if it was republicans or democrats practicing. When he was told it was republicans, he pulled out a gun and fired on them. The only reason nobody died is because the security detail for a majority whip was there, even so four people were injured including one congressman. When the man’s online history was looked at, it became clear he was a radical leftist and hated The President. Apparently he knew that he would never get within 100 miles of The President and he also knew that congress which is controlled by Republicans would never allow the traitorous democrats to impeach President Trump so he took his anger out on congress. You democrats did this. Your treasonous rhetoric has lead directly to some dirtbag who is one of you, to attack our very government and way of life. This DEMOCRAT…and I want everyone to understand that the qusetion he asked before opening fire on those congressmen makes it clear that this guy thinks that his party, the democrats, has the right to kill congressmen when they lose power…This DEMOCRAT has just been the worst of many to engage in treason against Old Glory. If you’re a Democrat and a member of my family and you don’t immediately leave the democrat party, you’re not my Family anymore. I will no longer tolerate people who believe like this animal believes, stinking up my free air. I have no use for loved ones who don’t love our Beautiful country. If your my friend and you don’t immediately leave this party of traitors and scumbags, you are no friend of mine and you should be ashamed to be associated with a party that espouses this sort of thing. What did you people think would happen when you push for violence against other people because they beat you in an election? It was only a matter of time before some hard core member of your party put your rhetoric into practice. You have started a war…a war you can’t possibly finish. You should all be crushed for sedition and treason….every single one of you, man, woman and child.

    • semichorus

      Next time you cut and paste nonsense like this, learn to make paragraph breaks.

    • Burbank Tax Payer

      Sorry, did you just say “and child’? I’m asking in earnest. I want to make sure I didn’t misunderstand you, because it reads like you are calling for every child of every person you disagree with politically to be “crushed”. Also to be found guilty of treason, which is a death penalty, obviously. Oh, and I am an Independent btw, so while I encourage you to express yourself, any foaming-at-the-mouth liberal bashing in your response will be lost on me. I don’t care about that stuff. Looks pretty much like you guys will wipe each other out at this point, based on your strongly worded post. I just care about the violence against children part. Help clear that up for me.

  8. Ralph

    The Democrats are the facists. They have a need to control everything and everybody. Sure you can own things but that’s only so we can tax you over and over again for the right to own it. Local city councils are the worst and it will keep getting worse until we throw all these liberal Democrats out of office. Don’t you all notice how our city and state are about to collapse ? They will all move once there is nothing left

  9. HF

    You see Maddonna saying she wants to blow up the White House and you see Kathy Griffin holding the presidents beheaded head. Now the play Julius Caesar is our President being killed instead of Caesar. Do Democrats condemn it ? NO. How badly do they want to see civil war that they condone all of this ? Reminds me of the civil war and what it took to stop Democrats before, sad but remember they broke from the union and then attacked the union. We have seen this from Democrats before.

    • Jean

      Tell me something what do you suggest we do to prevent terrorism ? How about improve the economy ? Don’t say listen to Hillary because the woman has no answers except to use governmenr positions to make her foundation wealthy. The middle class shrunk under Obama so where are the Democrat answers. Russia is not to blame for the mess the Democrats are.

    • Burbank Tax Payer

      And Ted Nugent discussed shooting Harry Reid during the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting in 2015, and he also told the President of the United States to “suck on my machine gun” in 2012.
      The Portland stabber , Jeremy Joseph Christian, murdered a veteran and a recent college grad and said, “That’s what liberalism gets you” and “I hope they all die. I’m gonna say that on the stand. I’m a patriot, and I hope everyone I stabbed died.” Remember, one of the men he murdered was a veteran who fought for this country. Violence is not the answer and it is definitely not exclusive to the liberal left.
      As for the Public Theatre production of Julius Caesar, if you have ever seen or studied that play you would know it is a cautionary tale AGAINST assassinating a head of state. That’s the entire point of the play. It does not go at all well for Ceasar’s assasins and the moral of the story is that it was WRONG what they did. Modern dress productions of Shakespeare’s tragedies always bring modern leaders to mind. A production took place at the Guthrie Theatre a few years back and the lead actor reminded everyone of Obama. Except people didn’t lose their everloving minds over it. It’s a Shakespearean tragedy. People die in Shakespearean tragedies. Everyone calm down. You need to be logical.

  10. chad

    Well, it’s now coming out that the shooter had ties to the NRA and Tea Party folks. It appears this whole this is unraveling as we speak. The shooter was paid by a Tea Party surrogate group to create the appearance that a crazed, left winger did this. Apparently the shooter (whom I will not name), was putting all this stuff on Facebook and social media for a while, planning to leave the impression he was a Sanders’ supporter. More details are coming out even as I write. Wow.

    • Left wing loser

      I see you decided to wear that tin foil hat full time now. You on the left have been violent for over a century now. Nice try on the redirection.
      Do you have a link to the NRA / Tea Party Connection?

  11. Sean

    I wonder of Digby would suggest we get rid of water because people die in it or would he suggest we keep water and teach people to swim. I guess he wants to get rid of water.
    Cheers !

  12. Anonymous

    Comey is investigating Trump for obstruction of justice!!


    • DixieFlyer

      Comey was FIRED.
      He has no authority to investigate SHIT.

      • Anonymous

        Mueller. He has all sorts of authority.

        • Burbank Person

          Unless it’s found Mueller has a conflict of interest. He may for a few reasons, lets start with his close connection to Comey and Comeys confession he leaked information because he wanted Comey and that’s just for starters
          Furthet where’s all the evidence you already have. BAHHAAA there is evidence
          It’s just empty condpiracy theory

          • semichorus

            Comey never “leaked” anything. It was HIS story!

            Jesus Christ, you people are both fools AND liars. Both Comey and Mueller are Republicans, btw.

            • DixieFlyer

              Comey “claimed” he leaked his own “memo’s-to-self” to a friend.
              The friend went to the newspaper, according to Comey.

  13. Scott R.

    The more liberals burn my flag and cause violence in the streets the more they lose me. “She” is not right about guns it is a Constitutional right and this accepting only what “I like” in the Constitution needs to stop. Liberals are like children they need their safe space and they need to “control” everyone. Our country is about FREEDOM and not about petty control of other people. Liberals seem to think our country is about protecting criminals and punishing the average citizen. Liberal ideology has failed and what we see today in the streets is the result of their failure.

    • semichorus

      When’s the last time you were “in the streets”?

      During the last flag burning?

      • Chuck

        Scott the Democrats do not want to see things improve for Blacks or Hispanics they want to keep them in failing schools and declined citioes with no hope but dependence on the party all so they can control them. I see now how they have just created more plantations to keep people on and it needs to end. Great video Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      “a well regulated militia” is right there in the constitution.

  14. Rosale

    Chad please cite sources I am able to find nothing like what you just said.

  15. 91505

    Thanks Chad for yet another sad and pathetic liberal conspiracy theory. Try saying the Russians caused it, that’s what you loonies do best.

  16. Sue

    The last thing the left wants is truth. That’s why they lie everyday and all the time. Fact checking liberals is really funny, they don’t check out most of the time. Like 97% of scientists suuport climate change ? WRONG 97% say there is constant climate change with only 4% saying it is caused by mankind.

  17. Anonymous

    Seen any Russians today Chad ? I’m sure you see them everyplace with your theories.

    • semichorus

      I’m convinced that a lot of this right wing cut-and- paste crap comes from Russia and Russian tactics. Just turn it all around and fuck with everything.

      It then gets recycled through the fever swamps– a term that I’m sure will soon be co-opted to describe “liberals,” if it hasn’t been already. Just like “fake news” was.

      Digby said it best just now:

      This bizarroworld “I know you are but what am I” tactic is very effective. Honestly, I think this is all just a technique to drive the rest of us mad. 

      I disagree with the effective part though. They’re just thugs.

  18. Al

    You been watching fake news Chad buddy. Listening to people like Rachel Madcow is not news at all and your claim about the Tea Party just doesn’t check out. The guy has a long history of membership with Democrat Resistance groups so stop spreading the fake news

  19. Luis

    Here is a good recap of what we know about the shooter and his real background. I think it is sort of insane to think this guy was a Tea Party Member or any kind of NRA member. I am sure he even worked against gun ownership while owning a few himself.

    • semichorus

      This has nothing to do with “liberals.” It has to do with too many guns available to nutcases who are right on the borderline.

      And who’s fault is that? Fuck you, Republicans.

      • 91505

        Semi get off it more people are killed with knives, hammers, cars etc etc etc. So your theory is ban everything afterall government knows whats best for us right. Just like they know that bog building on 1st street is best for us.

      • Orchard Drive

        You need to wake up here. You are talking about liberals and the Democratic Party of years gone by. Today the Democratic Leadership is made up of Socialists, Facists and Marxists. They stand against everything I read you say here. Things have changed and Democrats of the past have been left behind by a change in leadership that does not even nelieve in lomg time Democratic principles. I’m sure you will defend the party but no you are standing against yourself and your beliefs by doing so.

  20. Anonymous

    Good god. How many socks can one reactionary asshole mint?

  21. chad

    I’m now reading the shooter may have connections to some far right group in Wisconsin. I have to say, this is an impressive operation. He and some very smart IT people apparently from Chicago, created this false social media, digital imprint for months knowing this was the intended effect. To the Republicans credit they haven’t taken the bait on this. I think they know what’s going on behind the scenes and it ain’t pretty. The intention was to create an anti-liberal backlash but it hasn’t happened because conservative leadership has been informed about the real backstory. Pretty shocking.

  22. Burbank Tax Payer

    The use of hyperbole in many of these posts shows a lack of logical thought, on both sides. Saying all Democrats lie or that all Republicans are racists, is both immature and counterproductive, not to mention statistically impossible. SOME Democrats lie and SOME Republicans are racists, sure. And from that we can extrapolate that SOME Democrats DON’T lie and SOME Republicans are NOT racists. At that point we can acknowledge there are SOME good citizens on both sides, (and some like me who are neither left nor right), and we can begin to discuss how to fix the current state of this country. Until people dial-down the name calling, nothing will get better. Be energized, be determined, but not at the cost of putting off the negotiation. And America’s path going forward will be negotiated in the end, either before or after more bloodshed is up to America.There will not be a complete victory for either side. The sooner you can let go of that misconception, the sooner you can start contributing constructively. All turmoil ultimately ends in terms being negotiated. Unless this thread is just for endlessly bickering with each other from the safety of your keyboards, then by all means have at each other and I can enjoy the show.

  23. Mike

    Chad is always reading but when asked he never reveals the source. Hmmmmm typical just make up your own facts Chad. I read Hillary let the shooter use her personal server she keeps in that basement closet.

  24. Shawn N.

    Burbank Taxpayer and David Spell,

    Being a regular reader here I want to make some points to your preaching, and to your Thank you David Spell.

    For some time now, the author of this blog replies to anyone he disagrees with as “trolls” and worse/ He also often times repsonds to people by saying “Fuck You” and/or ” I hope you die”. Then mix in some like Chad who decline any discussion or when asked to provide sources of so called intelligent information he claims to have “read” here.

    Before you continue your preaching or pat each other on the back for it consider this. The writer and Chad both identify themselves as progressive liberal Democrats.

    The author sets the tone for discussion. The tone is disagree with me and it’s “Fuck You” , which I am sure he will also give me as a response.

    The truth is that the liberals are waking up a giant. When one pokes a giant again and again do you anticipate the giant not to eventually respond ?

    For all the lofty ideas in your preaching all you need to do is look back in this blog itself. then magnify it with Griffin and her severed head routine, and it goes on and on.

    If you want compromise and discussion Burbank Taxpayer I suggest that you begin to call out the behavior that has gotten us where we are. When it comes to David Spell, I have seen how the liberals treat you here so all I will say is you should know better Sir.

    • semichorus

      Considering that the majority of this country voted for Hillary, your side better make sure you’ve got the better guns.

    • Anonymous

      It is cammon practice for emotionally driven personalities to label logic they don’t want to hear as “preaching”, “nagging”, and so on. Rather than countering with an equally rational, respectful tone. The basic meat and potatoes of your response was that the name calling was hurled at you first, and so you feel t is justified to do it also. And so, I will continue to enjoy your emotionally driven responses, on both sides, as what they are, entertainment. Thank you for the enjoyment. I wish you and everyone on this thread only the very best.

  25. My 2 cents

    One of the is reasons the constitution was set up using the electoral college rather than direct popular vote was to keep people like you from tyrannizing the rest of us. And it worked perfectly. The selection of President is not a ‘popular’ one. You lost fair and square. It was obvious that is was just one state, California that gave Hildebeast a popular majorly. Remove California and Trump wins the popular vote as well.

    If you don’t’ like the Constitution, there are ways of amending it. Until then, this is the way the selection of president takes place in this country.
    Shawn N – The Left believes they have already won the House of Representative back in 2018 and will start impeachment proceedings immediately. Personally, I don’t’ see that happening. I think the Senate and the House will remain in the hands of republicans. I do think the primaries will weed out some establishment hacks in favor of more constitutional conservative republicans.

    • semichorus

      So the Constitution allows the other side to tyrannize the rest of us, no matter how many. Got it.

      The hilarious thing about this insane hypocrisy is that if Hillary had lost the popular vote but won the electoral, all HELL would have broken loose. Factor in Russian intrigue and there’d be riots in the streets. All those guns would have come out.

      I love too the idea that severing “California” from the vote makes sense. Why not Texas?

      You Republicans aren’t just stupid, you are nuts. And how come you can’t win the popular vote any more?

      • Anonymous Burbank

        The one who is stupid Semichorus [ sine all you do is name call] because the way it works is the electoral vote. Trump who YOU call stupid knew this [ which makes you the STUPID one] it works that way because the majoty of states popular vote chose Trump. What you are promoting is tyrany by the major population cwnters which our Constitution stands against so [stupid] one in the end you are not so smart and nor was Hillary. You libs are dumb as a box of rocks and you are leaning toward treason.

  26. Citizen Cane

    Semi: States voted for President Trump than Hillary. 31 states for Trump, 19 for Hillary. Hillary relied on voter fraud in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. That is why she never visited. Ballot box stuffers in the inner cities in those states could not stuff enough fake votes to push her to s win. So either way, Trump ran a better campaign, even if no voter fraud was uncovered. But Hillary still ignored those key states.

  27. chad

    Well it now appears Alex Jones might be connected to this assault on GOP legislators. He is linked to a fringe group out of Arkansas that had been grooming this horrible shooter for some time. Apparently, before Jones became semi-mainstream, he was connected to the Razorback Defense League (RDL) which has been monitored as an ultra violent, extremist group by the FBI and AFT. Jones apparently separated himself a couple of years ago from the RDL but the dots are pretty connected to this shooter who has done his job of creating chaos among the left. You have to keep watching and reading as this stuff changes almost hourly.

    • semichorus

      Where are you getting this? The media keeps playing this guy off as a loyal Bernie supporter.

      • Ronnie

        Lol clearly Chad is a paid troll, you been falling for your fellow liberal called Chad all along. Feel really Stupid yet ? Where’s the links to the Klan sites you follow Chad ?

        • semichorus

          These people are truly nuts.

          I think most active Republicans these days are psychologically incapable of NOT totally fucking with everything.

          No good is going to come of this.

    • Can't we all just get along?

      Chad, I appreciate your continued efforts to divert attention from the fact that James Hodgkinson is on the left. A yeomen’s effort, really. In the end, everyone knows that he’s one of yours. A lefty. Not a kook, but a policy wonk and apparently agitated into an irrational response to whatever aggrieved him.

      On the other hand if you are just having fun, then God bless you. Cuz your posts are entertaining as hell to say the least.

      • semichorus

        Ha! Love it. Not a kook, eh?

        The sad truth is that most gun totin’ nutcases are right wing. The left wants to get rid of most guns, especially assault rifles.

  28. Left wing loser

    Links please …

  29. DixieFlyer

    Mr. semi may irritate many of us at times, his New York references too common and his left arm may be over-flexed; however………….
    he provides this space for the exchange of thoughts.
    Thank You, Mr. semi.
    Please consider MORE Burbank issues as the Follower is running out of gas rapidly.
    Not-yet-Gonski has experienced MUCH heart-burn.

  30. chad

    Keep it clean DF.

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