How much could this possibly raise?




Despite the multimillion dollar deficit for the upcoming fiscal year, there were no cuts made to any services. However, several residents told council members they were not happy with a proposed fee change for bus service for seniors and the disabled.

Residents said they were upset that the fares for seniors and disabled people would go from a voluntary donation to a $2 fare per ride.

David Kriske, the city’s assistant community development director of transportation, said the fare amount was proposed as a way to help the city recover some of the costs of operating the service.

“[Paying] $2 one way and $2 another way, $4 per trip is just a little bit too much,” resident Camille Feigan said


Good Burbank Democrats, balancing their budget on the backs of the elderly poor.

Don’t these council members still get a car allowance?









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5 responses to “How much could this possibly raise?

  1. Stan

    Democrats should change the party name to the tax and spendicans

  2. Dean

    Oh Semichorus that can’t be true because Democratic party backed Springer would never allow such a thing on the agenda

  3. chad

    Frankly, an entrepreneurial young person with a good car could probably figure out a way to undercut that pricing.

    • semichorus

      Hey, my friend Rosemarie used to do that years ago. Her mom’s a nurse, and she told her to put her name down at the Joslyn Center for rides. She had a little truck, and would take people around to the doctor etc.

      There was also a woman who would advertise in the Tolucan for the same thing.

  4. Anonymous

    They need to fund body cameras so the police chief can say he improved the department … NOT

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