Nonsense. Almost anything can go into a city charter


Tomorrow night’s council agenda contains an important item about the Charter Committee recommendations on an update.

But, with this supposed qualification:

Throughout its deliberations, the Committee also identified additional items that are not appropriate Charter amendments, but potential policy considerations for future Council discussion. The items include: Council Compensation, Selection of Mayor, consideration of establishing a Commission on the Status of Women, Police Oversight, and adopting an Information Technology Security policy. An in depth rationale for all of the Committee’s recommendations is provided within the attached letter from the Committee…

Bull. As long as the specific ideas don’t violate state law (and which in some cases a city charter may override), any one of these issues is appropriate for a charter citation.

Legally, charter provisions are more effectively permanent than regular ordinances because they require voter approval for any amendation or removal. That’s why staff only thinks the ones they want are “appropriate.”

Rogers of all people should know that staff is being mighty disingenuous here. An enhanced and more powerful police commission; a Commission on the Status of Women; the selection of mayor; and even rent control could all be memorialized in the Burbank City Charter. As well as everything else on that list.

So is our new mayor going to accept this lie, this clear attempt to play down the wishes or suggestions of the Charter Commission members?

Why have a Commission at all then? To rubber stamp staff goals? That’s what always ends up happening.




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