Because this violates received opinion, you won’t hear much about it


So maturity and wisdom haven’t totally disappeared…

Roman Polanski’s Sex Assault Victim Pleads to End Case, Says ‘He Owes Me Nothing’

LOS ANGELES — Roman Polanski’s sexual assault victim made an impassioned plea Friday to end the fugitive director’s four-decade legal saga, saying she felt more abused by the legal justice system than by the man who she said drugged, raped and sodomized her when she was 13.

“The trauma of the ordeal that followed was so great that, you know, the brief encounter with him that evening that was unpleasant just faded and paled,” Samantha Geimer said outside a courtroom in Los Angeles Superior Court. “It just wasn’t as traumatic for me as everybody would like to believe it was.”


Some of the reader comments about this woman are hilarious. “How dare she not be the victim we demand her to be!”

Yeah, how dare too that she indict the system. That’s because we need to punish everyone for absolutely everything that we’re totally weird about these days.

No one’s defending Polanski on this one, it’s just that when it comes to sex most people now are totally and completely nuts. They’re either sneaking around and fucking in secret, online or furtively the same, or else they’re flagellating themselves about how they once never had to do so — and conveniently took advantage of the scene that they now deplore so fashionably.

Oh, the regret! So go get ’em!



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7 responses to “Because this violates received opinion, you won’t hear much about it

  1. chad

    If you read the account of what happened, and there doesn’t seem to be much dispute, I would say the one who should at least be criticized is Angelica Houston. She was in the house the whole time and even interrupted them. She knew the kid was loaded and very underage. What the hell was she thinking? I give the victim all the credit in the world. She’s terrific. Polanski? Great filmmaker but like many great filmmakers he was pretty screwed up. See Murnau, Hitchcock, Eisenstein, Fassbinder, etc….

  2. chad

    Sorry, Huston not Houston, y’all.

    • semichorus

      Yeah. You know, I think I told this before, but I knew a girl back then at Northridge who was her neighbor, right when it happened.

      I heard the whole story close up: it didn’t surprise anyone.

      She actually got caught giggling about it over the phone to a friend. One of the moms overheard. She was mature about it from the beginning, the media of course went nuts. They put her through the mill.

      Pre-MacMartin, pre-Miramonte, pre-Cosby. It was a sign of the insane things to come.

  3. James Carlile Nemesis Club

    Ole Jimbo. For some reason he’s often a paderass sympathizer. Hmmm?

    • semichorus

      How are those rents coming in these days? Easy money, right?

      And BTW, she was post-pubescent.

      • James Carlile Nemesis Club

        A point of note only to a seriously fucked-up individual. Wow, I cant believe they let you push a mop around children.

        • semichorus

          Never pushed a mop around “children,” dude. And you better watch the libel.

          How are those local investments going? Real estate’s the bomb, right? You Burbank people are pathetic.

          (I was a quite beloved employee, btw. Except with corrupt management, who I had no problem confronting. Ask around, dickhead.)

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