But it’s HIS project!


The Leader depicts hilariously the absurd reasoning behind this deal…

An additional concern that residents and Councilwoman Sharon Springer expressed was the project’s proximity to the Golden State (5) Freeway and its impact on noise and safety for the future residents at First Street Village.

After hearing those comments, the developer proposed to construct a sound wall that would stretch the length of the third phase of the project to about a third of the first phase. Ramirez said city officials had asked if the wall could run the length of the project, but Behunin declined.

As a compromise, council members decided it would be unfair for the developer to pay for the entire cost of a sound wall the length of the project and agreed to split the cost — two-thirds paid by the city and one-third by Behunin.

No, what’s unfair is for the city to pay for a soundwall amenity on an unsuitably wacky lot that benefits his project.

But, this is Burbank we’re talking about.



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14 responses to “But it’s HIS project!

  1. Anonymous

    The developer is under no requirement to build a sound wall. He had already told the city that he was not going to build it. Springer would not let go, but the council was not going to reject the entire project over a sound wall.

    Hence the split of the costs. Beyond which the benefit will accrue to others than just the residents of the development in question.

    • semichorus

      Like who?

      No one.

      It’s his project. The wall will be FOR his project, as an amenity for HIS tenants. So either Caltrans pays for it, or HE does. Not the City of Burbank.

      This town is full of fools. Or worse. Stunts like this prove it.

      • DixieFlyer

        Can’t agree with you on this one.
        Springer had a bone thrown at her by the City Council.
        Remember, she wanted a much more expensive Roof-Top pool?
        Then she wanted a pool with NO sunlight?
        And let’s not forget the “park” along the same Freeway!!
        This developer wants to get his Project built.
        The Council shook him down already.
        Poor Little Springer was ready to cry.
        They threw her a BONE.

        • Anonymous

          Don’t build it next to the freeway and you won’t need a sound wall. Love it how the taxpayers get to pay the bill. These developers are such rip off artists.

      • Anonymous

        Like who? The people who live across 1st st, of course.

  2. chad

    And we can afford this?

    • semichorus

      That too!

      The legal guys should look into this as a gift of public funds to the developer?

      Why doesn’t Burbank extend the wall all along the fwy? Not just to benefit this one property owner.

  3. Anonymous

    They didn’t even ask cal trans they’ve been building sounds walls from Burbank to Santa Clarita on the 5 improvement. And what was the talk about the new improved magnolia bridge? They had to modify it so the park could go in?

  4. Doug

    So let me get this right. We are short on money and talking about cutting cops and firemen. So we pay a wad of cash for this sound wall and what cut a cop or close a fire station. So much for the building bringing in more cash to the city it’s already costing us. Cut the building and forget about it. This is one more money loser.

    • semichorus

      They’d rather charge old people for the senior bus. $4 a round trip.

      • DixieFlyer

        More staff crap about Senior Bus charges.
        These “pocket parks” are more staff crap.
        Springer promotes this stuff.
        Senior Management can’t say NO when Council members with thin backgrounds encourage staff.
        Doug, please don’t drink the Kool-Aid.
        Check where the sound wall starts, and where the residences start.
        Compare with other sound walls you drive by daily.
        Quite a difference.

        • Doug

          Are we short on money and not fixing our streets ? Enough said about the waste of sound walls Dixie Flyer. Hey maybe they wanted to charge seniors more to pay for the sound wall ? Ever think of that ????

  5. chad

    Looks like there’s option on Kool-Aid. Red or Blue?

  6. DixieFlyer

    Just can’t expect chad to sprain the brain too often.
    Springer & the staff requested the sound wall.
    Check the location.
    Check the height,
    What will be behind the sound wall?
    Why is there no sound wall at present?
    The red or blue option was played out tonight at National’s Field.
    When will Springer take a trip down Victory Place and the mess?
    At what height do the First Street residences start?
    Will the glass panes be Red or Blue?

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