Sex and drugs? 

This current outrage about Bill Cosby having drugs around for “sex with women” is hilarious. Like it’s clear proof of his guilt.

Sorry, but back in those days, most sexually active women considered it a major deal breaker if you didn’t have them available. It was like finding out you only had a four-inch dick.

For real. More than a few young Burbank women we knew would boast about how much better they’d cum with at least a little pot, and they’d be pissed if you didn’ t have any. But let the lies and umbrage continue.



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15 responses to “Sex and drugs? 

    • semichorus


      Yeah, ludes were a major deal for many young women. My crowd wasn’t that highfaluting, but if you didn’t have pot around and were into the better stuff too then you might as well be holding your dick in your hand.

      Many women WANTED drugs with sex. Or at least as part of the dating/hanging out process. You were not considered an attractive guy without them circa 1973 to about 1985, or longer. The hotter they were the more that was the case. Anyone who denies this is a liar.

      I’m so sick of people now who lie about their sexual past as some kind of self-purification/guilt ritual. What the hell is going on now? I fully expect Dr Ruth to be hauled in on some kind of morals charge any day now.

  1. chad

    Don’t you think there’s a difference between being high and having a consensual relationship and being “semi” or unconscious in a non-consensual relationship?

    • semichorus

      I’m saying that there’s nothing culpable about having drugs around for sex. That seems to be instant proof now of guilt.

      Most women insisted on them back then, and saw it as a major turn off not to have been into them.

      If this modern definition of “consensual sex” was around back when I was young, I could have EASILY levied rape charges against all of the different women who both poured me wine and then got on top.

      I was incapable of giving consent. They never even asked me first, either.

      This new puritanism is disgustingly dishonest. The sex scolds will always be with us.

  2. Charlie in the box

    The Cosby case is a classic example of: He said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said.

    • semichorus

      Yeah, and the accusers I’ve seen have obvious psychological or agenda problems that go WAY beyond Bill Cosby.

      As a female friend of mine remarked the other day, I’d love to hear about them from some of their ex-boyfriends or male partners. I suspect that everything in their life is either blameworthy or culpable. It’s always something with them — if not Cosby, it’d be something else.

      People lie. And many people get weird about sex – especially as they age. They have to get weird about something, and so sex is perfect.

      Also — unless they were victims of a genocide, never trust people who fall apart or cry on the stand about events from years before.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh, gawd, not more of your patent defense of rape.

  4. Citizen Cane

    Semi, maybe the women you dated need pot or drugs for better sex. Nothing to boast about.

    • semichorus

      Hardly. You should have seen them straight. They didn’t need it. They just liked it.

      Everyone was into that back then. The bad girls the most.

  5. chad

    I will say this. In this day and age, if anyone is drunk or drugged they should not be having sex because these days the legal standard says that individuals are not capable of giving consent if they are under the influence. Of course people who know each other and get drunk or high and then have sex are usually cool. The problem arises when things are less familiar.

  6. James Carlile Nemesis Club

    They needed something to get them through the horror of seeing Jimbo naked.

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