No, the CITY OF BURBANK violated the Brown Act


Once again the Leader evades the question:

Burbank Hospitality Assn. violated Brown Act, D.A.’s office says

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office determined last week that the Burbank Hospitality Assn. violated the Brown Act back in September when the organization decided to donate money to the Committee for Yes on Measure B without properly placing the request on its agenda.

According to a letter written by Bjorn Dodd, deputy district attorney, dated May 30, which was sent to Burbank resident David Spell, the district attorney’s office agreed with one of Spell’s complaints, which alleged the Burbank Hospitality Assn., commonly known as Visit Burbank, had inappropriately discussed and given $50,000 to the Committee of Yes on Measure B without placing the issue on the agenda.


The BHA is a city taxing authority under the direct guidance and control of city staff. The city attorney’s office had also been brought in to sign off on this “contribution” beforehand, which they did.

What was that you said a few months ago Mayor Rogers, that these guys aren’t “attorneys” who you’re tired of hearing from, and that you have faith in CA Albano’s legal advice on local issues?

Yeah, fuck you too.



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10 responses to “No, the CITY OF BURBANK violated the Brown Act

  1. Anonymous

    What is the penalty for violating the Brown Act?

  2. Another anonymous

    The investigation is not over. Misuse of public resources is still under the microscope and the DA’s office is in possession of evidence that a number of city officials (including elected representatives) were aware of the wrongdoing and kept it secret. This finding about the Brown Act answers the question, “were any laws broken?” with a resounding yes. But it is just the beginning.

    • semichorus


      It could be culpable for these people if it turns out that they were actually orchestrating the illegality, and then, when caught, tried to pawn the blame off on a “lack of education” in the lower ranks.

      It would be evidence of knowing behavior and serious bad faith.

  3. another. another anonymous

    I smell collusion up the chain through city hall right up to the desks of at least a couple of council members. The lower level employees did as told and at the top sits some very corrupt city council members.

  4. Mason

    Reality Winter in court today for initial charges of espionage against the United States.

    • semichorus

      Nothing critical about her leak. Didn’t jeopardize anything.

      Unless you’re Trump.

      • One of your Irish Fans

        Dearest Mr. semi,
        Can you count up to 700,000???
        After you’ve reviewed them, you can “opine” on what was jeopardized.

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