It’s Me, Burbank!


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It’s bad enough that this town can’t get anything right. But even the outsiders it attracts are inept. They’re actually going to memorialize this inane sales name. The ♥ must have already been taken.

A six-story hotel across the way as well. For whom exactly?




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5 responses to “It’s Me, Burbank!

  1. Deploribus Unum

    Watching the council meeting. Three left wing kooks, an establishment hack and a RINO. We are so fucked.
    The reason we are in a budget crunch is because California democrats decided years ago that over-paying government workers with outrageous salaries, benefits and pensions was a great vote buying scheme.
    Well, it did work, but now we have to pay the piper.

  2. Anonymous

    Bud Ovrom is BACK!

  3. I doubt they care what happens to this town after they unload these developments for a profit. For Sale to the highest (Chinese) bidder.

  4. Anonymous

    What the fuck happened with the airport commissioners? I’m not a Bud fan but who is the guy they gave the job to? Never seen or heard of him before. Bud was the only one to show up!

  5. Rebecca

    Somebody lied, more than once.
    His name is Ray Adams.
    A genuine “do-nothing” while on the Authority.
    The “process” used for selection had never been used before.
    Captain Underpants was at a total loss, and it showed.

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