Join the Joiners!



What a bleak future these kids have scoped out for themselves. Thank god they’ll never know it. But do they have to inflict their cramped worldview on what follows?

Adults are actually helping them do this?

Graduating Burbank High students create ‘Next Steps’ guide for future graduates

A pair of Burbank High school students who graduated last week recently delivered a free guide to current students with details about how to pursue 75 scholarships, internships or other opportunities before they head off to college.

Sam Gorman and Alvin Kim worked with a team of students to create the 25-page “Next Steps” guide they’ve posted Burbank High’s websites in hopes it can be accessed by students across Los Angeles and beyond.

They delivered hard copies to about 350 Burbank High students last month.

Gorman plans to attend Stanford University this fall, and Kim intends to join the U.S. Army.

We doubt it’ll be about anything that doesn’t involve either spending money or registering your name somewhere. The “team” effort too is hilarious.

Not too long ago, when Gorman was a sophomore at Burbank High, he recalled Googling, “How to go to Europe for free.”

Yup. Money and kissing up to distant organizations.

“I come from a solidly middle-class background, and that translated into the mistaken notion for me that these sort of opportunities were simply financially out of reach,” Gorman said in an email. “As I kept researching, I saw that this couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Dream on.

But if you know what you’re doing it doesn’t matter anyway. Living in California is the great cultural, intellectual, and social equalizer. On the East Coast you’re screwed if you don’t have the right credentials and cash in your pocket.

He’s hopeful the guide, which highlights several study-abroad programs, will show students that many scholarships and other opportunities are accessible.

The guide also offers important tips, including a note that deadlines for many national scholarships are in October or November.

Apply, and you can’t go wrong,” the guide states.

Conformity, convention, consumption, and collegiality. Is this school or the Rotary Club?

There are also several summer programs listed regarding academic programs hosted on college campuses or online.

One section provides contact information for local elected officials, from Rep. Adam Schiff to Burbank City Clerk Zizette Mullins, so students can inquire about securing internships with them.

All three of them.

“There’s a difference between the conventional education system laid out for you and the global impact you have the ability to make through your own drive,” Kim said in the email. “Take every advantage of this. There’s a whole world of opportunities waiting for you.”

No, that’s not the word for them.

These guys should be spending their summers finding great women and going to the beach and maybe getting laid. And then reading a few worthy books. How about a guide to that?




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26 responses to “Join the Joiners!

  1. Arone

    Terrorist attack in London today. How’s those opened boarders working ????

  2. chad

    Arone, not bad actually as long we can figure out how to throw out people like you. Don’t you realize the divisive bullshit that Trump and fools like him spew is exactly what the terrorists want? Duh.

    • Norm

      Oh I see Chad if we are all nice to muslim terrorists then they will like us ? Look around because that does not work. They believe their key to heaven is killing infidels like you. They never said nice infedels are ok. They do not worship God they worship death. You liberals will talk different when one of your loved ones in the victim but by then it will be to late.

  3. chad

    off topic but I know this is a subject that interests you:
    BOSTON (AP) — A bill that would ban the use of Native American mascots in public schools in Massachusetts is heading to a public hearing.
    The bill defines a Native American mascot as a “name, symbol, or image that depicts or refers to an American Indian tribe, individual, custom, or tradition that is used by a public school as a mascot, nickname, logo, letterhead, or team name.”
    The bill gives specific examples, including “Indians,” ”Indianettes,” ”Chieftains” and “Braves.”
    The bill would prohibit the use of any Native American mascot by a Massachusetts public school.
    The bill will be heard a 10 a.m. hearing Tuesday by the Legislature’s Education Committee at the Statehouse.
    Earlier this year, the Gill-Montague Regional School Committee voted to drop Indians as the mascot for Turners Falls High School.

  4. Juan

    You libs are such a trip. Talking about white privlege you are talking about yourselves. Katthy Griffen old whte men are against her DUH bitch your an old white woman. You libs break me up laughing.

  5. Donna

    Many had a good laugh at the Fronnie Fuck-up on Magnolia.
    It seems she hired a sign maker to work on a sign on the nextdoor building from hers.
    Signs were fabricated, truck arrived, went up on the roof–of the next door neighbor.
    Neighbor contacts landlord, landlord contacts Fronnie——
    frothing-at-the-mouth ensued.
    Notice how Fronnie has CHANGED since she opened her Sweet Shoppe?
    NO more news about Magnolia Park.

    • Greg

      It Doesn’t surprise me at all.
      With Fronnie, it’s always about her.
      She can’t even behave in her own
      business location?
      I’m surprised she has a sweets shoppe.
      But not surprised about her continuing
      “Bad Behavior !”

  6. chad

    For all you paid Trumpettes, let’s get a few basic things down.

    1. Not all members of an individual racial/political/religious group are the same. Examples: Whites are are not all alike. Blacks are not all alike. When you say, “All you liberals…” remember there’s differentiation within that group. Not all liberals or conservatives are the same. As is the case for Christians, not all Muslims are the same. The vast majority of the victims of Islamic terror are Muslims.

    2. One of the goals of physical terrorism is to insight fear and chaos. Most terrorist attacks are not like 9-11. Most attacks are like what happened in London over the weekend. You have to be smart not to play into the hands of the scumbag terrorists. When it happens, don’t say stupid things as Trump did – “got to get the travel ban in place” or “I don’t hear anyone complaining about guns.” That’s what a petulant 10 year old who isn’t getting his way would say to his parents. You have to be smarter than the assholes who blow up people. The Brits used to be, for the most part, when the IRA would blow things up. (And I despise Thatcher.) I’m Irish-American Catholic and deeply resist the way Catholics in the North are treated. Could I condone IRA bombings? No. I was thrown out of a bar once for refusing to throw money into a hat for the IRA during the hunger strikes.

    3. Terrorism has been a way of life for many countries for decades. Americans need to get smart about how to deal with this. Public statements from leaders are very important because it sets the tone and the terrorists monitor those responses. You know what they love? They love seeing anti-Mulsim rhetoric because they know it creates divisiveness on the streets. They love the shit that took place in Portland. They love white supremacists. That’s the reaction they want.

    4. You have to be smarter than Trump. And that’s not difficult. The mayor of London was measured. Trump was an idiot and that’s what the terrorists want.

    • Mark

      We know Chad there are the pure socialist Bernie liberals but in the end of you were really against racism you would not be a liberal at all.

  7. Tom

    Another terrorist attack in London and the liberals have the solution. They want us to wear cute little white ribbons to scare terrorists away. More liberal bull shit.

  8. Backward Agression

    Nothing Sweet about this shop. Encroaching on another’s business is not
    ethical. I thought squatters rights was a thing of the past. Shocking !

  9. chad

    Conservatives are communist sympathizers. Look at how they work with the media and Trump to make Putin a likable guy. Republicans want to overthrow our society and are doing it with Trump in office. We’ll all be speaking Russian in ten years if they get their way.

    • Shelly

      Really Chad ?? Thought a Republican caused the fall of the Soviet Union and that ended the cold war. Really Chad Why was Obama leaning close to the Russian Ambassador whispering how he looked forward to working close with Putin ? Really Chad where is any evidence of collusion between Trump and Putin ? Do you get your evidence from Maxine Waters who says Putin attacked North Korea ? Obama paid how much money to Iran ?

  10. chad

    Shelly, and more!!! Republicans have undermined our Constitution!! Koch Bros. working behind the scenes to undermine capitalism!!!! Owners of Walmart in cahoots with Russian crime bosses. These people are international criminals in bed with Trump and his peeing prostitutes. Everyone knows this!!!

    • Left wing loser

      After that, I think a tin foil hat is in order for chad. Conspiracy much? I’m loving this. It doesn’t get much better than this. I’m just sittin’ back watching laughing.

  11. chad

    They don’t get it, do they Semi? And we wonder why we’re at where we are…

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