From the No Irony Department

“The animation instructor at Burbank High, Jonelle Pickett, said honors from events such as the media festival help to validate the students’ hard work. The students all plan to go into the entertainment industry, and the award acts as a feather in each of their caps.

“It’s good recognition … It goes on their resumes as they move on [in life],” she said.””

Obviously, the Institutionalists have won. Everywhere.



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2 responses to “From the No Irony Department

  1. Anonymous

    Too bad the brains under those pretty feathered caps are being pumped full of BS and sent out into a very ugly world of high unemployment and crap pay for animators.

    • semichorus

      That too. Which is why I wish they’d emphasize the individual art involved, and not the career.

      Art and effort for its own sake.

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