May 31, 2017 · 6:11 pm

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  1. Jeff

    Hillary doesn’t even know what Cofefe means so stop trying to sound like your relevant Hillary. #MAGA

  2. Anonymous

    DNC handed the presidency to Trump when they knocked Bernie out of the race. Thanks, HRC.

  3. Carlos

    President Trump announces today that the USA will withdraw from the Paris Accords and end all funding and implementation of them as of Today.  #MAGA  Another Promise Kept .God Bless the USA

    • semichorus

      American companies will still follow the Accords because they want to keep their international markets. So Trump’s stupid behavior means little .

      Except that Republicans nowadays are morons.

      • Kevin

        Not true Semichorus because Mr Trump will be changing our trade agreemrnts, lowering taxes, eliminating regulatory fees and brining jobs back to America. That means the American market reopens for American products which right now just try to find American products in stores. These Democrat policies have done nothing but destroy jobs for Americans and increase poverty in America. I thank God President Trump is doing something most politicians never do and that’s keep his promises.

      • Joe R

        From what I see Democrats these day are just plain irrational and insane. That comes from an Independent . Who is fed up with rising taxes and waste.

    • The Spirit of Reagan

      What a patriotic speech by Trump. We are so blessed to have him as our president. What a great day for the American people.
      Tired of losing yet Libtards?
      I just read that 90,000 criminal aliens have been deported in the past 3 MONTHS alone.
      Trump 2020

  4. Ernie

    I don’t cinsider upholding the fact that we are an indeoendent nation to be “stupid behavior”. Maybe you should go to Venezuela for a year and discover how great it is to live under Socialism.

  5. chad

    Good grief do you people get paid per post, by the word, by the hour?

    • semichorus

      I think some do, yes.

    • Anon

      Nooo but Soros and Clinton pay liberals by the word Chad that’s where the money to help Haiti went.

      • semichorus

        All tied up in a nice little bundle, no?

        You Republicans are nuts. A real menace to the world.

        • Robert H

          Deny the truth all you want Semichorus but it won’t make the truth go away. The only climate change is that you liberal snowflakes are melting from the truth and political heat.

        • Home Depot Shopper

          You Progressive Democrats are nuts. A real menace to the world.

          • semichorus

            Remember that the next time you cash that Social Security check. Or take a freeway.

            • Home Depot Shopper

              That’s like saying Scientology is good because they started and run Narconon. Dude you are lost in the progressive propaganda.

              It’s time to own up to the damage progressivism has caused this country over that last 100 years. America is very much about the individual not the collective. Get your big government ass off my shoulders.

              To claim that a couple of social programs (both are going broke, btw) justify the continued existence of progressivism is just stupid. Dude, I don’t want your help for anything, let alone health care and retirement funds.

              Btw, most people don’t know that progressivism is Not organic to America and was imported from Europe in the late 1800’s. So, in modern day parlance progressivism is an illegal alien and needs to be deported.

              • semichorus

                Do us all a favor and go die in the desert, you stupid psychotic. If you’re even for real.

                I have no idea what can be done with these people. They’re just evil. Needless to say, they’re not going to go down well.

                • piss ant

                  One of the characteristics of progressive Marxists is to take fact and deny it, or just redirect the conversation. I see that you think you are a person of superior intellect. Think again.

                  • semichorus

                    You rightist nuts just repeat all this language to each other. You must get it from TV.

  6. chad

    Yes, and we all know how concerned the average Republican is over Haiti.

    • Norm

      I can tell how concerned the average Democrat is about Haiti because they have no issue that it was Democrats who raised the money, took the money and left people in Haiti to suffer. Check your white Democrat privlege Chad

  7. Carlos

    Here is a message to the liberals you are not progressive you are regressive

  8. HL

    Remember that the next time you cash that Social Security check. Or take a freeway.
    So now Liberals invented freeways ? What’s next in this snowflake world of theirs, they invented air ?

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