The saddest headline of the year


How could this possibly be correct?

“20 seniors graduate from Bell-Jeff”


There’s obviously only one thing keeping the place around…
Image result for msgr keating bell jeff


Faith, Hope, and Charity.





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6 responses to “The saddest headline of the year

  1. Norma

    The days of Bell-Jeff are quickly coming to an end. It is correct and the halls are more or less a ghost town. Maybe Burbank Developers can buy it and place a high rise of high end apartments on the land that was.

  2. Anonymous

    RIP and leave those old days behind. The property would make a great comminity garden

  3. Anonymous

    That High School is old and out of date.

  4. Mick

    Gawd I hate that building they are in. That thing is an eyesore.

    • Harold

      Maybe the Behunian guy can build a great new neighborhood converting this old school into loft apartments.

  5. chad

    Very sad. Catholic high schools are having troubles all over the country. I’m not being a Burbank booster here but I genuinely like what Providence has done with their curriculum. Their media and health programs are genuinely “innovative.”

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