The City of Burbank has a history of covering for Tim Behunin


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It seems the guy’s a documented asshole. Developers are always so lovable around here, aren’t they? It does make their projects nicer.

Notice how the Burbank PD went out of its way to lie on his behalf. They also misreported his age to keep him from being readily identified. He was 10 years older at the time.

Four arrested at war protest

May 15, 2004

Three Burbank men and a Burbank boy placed one another under citizen’s arrest following a fight that broke out during a recent anti-war rally outside of the Media City Center, authorities said.

Tim Behunin, 43, got out of his 2003 Range Rover and allegedly punched protester William Nelson, 30, several times after a heated argument between the two and another protester, 19-year-old Piero Giunti, about 6 p.m. May 7 at Burbank and San Fernando boulevards, Burbank Police Sgt. Jay Jette said.

Nelson allegedly sat in the sport utility vehicle to prevent Behunin from leaving before police arrived, Jette said, adding that a 17-year-old boy tried to restrain Behunin from attacking Nelson again.

“There was no argument about the war,” Jette said. “It was back-and-forth accusations where one accused the other of derogatory remarks and the other denied, saying they were misheard.”

Oh, fuck you, BPD spokesman. Anyone can see what this was about. Why are you covering for his behavior?

 Nelson suffered a cut on his forehead and was treated at the scene, Jette said, adding that the four suspects were cited and released.

Behunin, Giunti and Nelson are scheduled to be arraigned for battery June 7 at Burbank Superior Court, and the boy is scheduled for arraignment on July 7 at Sylmar Juvenile Facility.

Jackson Bell

No, you’re right. This had nothing to do with the war. Behunin just jumped out of his Range Rover and confronted these war protesters because he was worried about whether or not they’d had enough to eat.

It was just a misunderstanding!

This is also the same time period btw when the BPD was pulling motorists over and ticketing them for blowing their car horns in support of these same peace marchers off of SF. They lied about that one, too.

God bless the FBI for coming in a few years later. Burbank seriously needed that cleansing.







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15 responses to “The City of Burbank has a history of covering for Tim Behunin

  1. Anonymous

    God I hate Burbank.

  2. Ralph

    Yeah developers are such great people aren’t they ? I watched this Beholden developer guy at the council meeting on a replay and oh so generous he is a small park that will last only a few years and no affordable units in his market rate building but a whole lot of traffic for the rest of us to deal with as a big screw you.
    People like that Janet Deil suck up woman and the others that spoke up supporting him should be ashamed of themselves. I even saw that Ramani guy that got the fifty thousand dollars to cram a new big airport down our throats there cheering the developer and he was cheering the fact Nolan was kissing some developer ass as well.

    • semichorus

      The council’s refusal to INSIST on REAL set-asides is criminal. It proves that Burbank doesn’t give a damn about “affordable” housing.

      No matter their oh-so-plaintive words on the subject.

  3. Anonymous

    Burbank needs the feds to come in again, the place reeks of corruption.

  4. Tami

    Perhaps the terrible developer owned the property and thought the protestors made his property look bad ? Imagine how he will treat the many downtown homeless with his new big project. High rent no average people allowed anyplace near it I guess.

    • semichorus

      This council doesn’t give a damn about “the homeless.”


      They’re soon going to be cracking down on sleeping in cars. And then lie about how much of a “big problem” it is.

      Gabel Luddy has already gotten them to carve a huge (and now illegal) exclusion in her own R-1H neighborhood to ban all granny flats . So there goes a great source of affordable housing — which is why the state law was changed.

      (It’s also an great substitute for those stupid horse stalls, which few people want or have a use for any more– which of course is why some of the Rancho folks are absolutely TERRIFIED of a liberalized ADU policy.)

      Despite their oh-so-pious language, the council members DON’T CARE. It’s as simple as that.

  5. Diane

    Why isn’t this Behunan guy in prison ? Instead he gets to run around and build yet another big building in Burbank ? His downtown neighborhood will be the nightmare on 1st street. City Council tell the guy to get packing.

    • semichorus

      I think the real question is, why wasn’t he arrested then?

      By the BPD.

      Anyone else would have been. Cops don’t need to be witnesses to alleged assaults. And there were witnesses!

      What a corrupt and self-dealing police department we had back then. They TOO were harassing the anti-war protesters!

      Judges threw out their charges when challenged.

      • Tom

        People who are in favor of this being built in downtown have only one thing in mind and thats running the poor and middle class out of Burbank great job Burbank.

  6. Roy Simison

    Let us see what you say after June 7 Semi, I am sure you will be in court since you have already passed judgement.

    • Roy Simison

      Oh ! this is from 2004 It figures hatred makes you dig deep when you run out of everything else.

      • semichorus

        He was already a successful local developer. And 53.

        Only a moron would try to pooh-pooh this behavior. And why was he protected in it?

        • 91505

          We do not need more over dense housing in this fake downtown neighborhood. Downtown is a commercial zone so what do you propose ? Maybe moving body and paint shops from there into residential neighborhoods. Laughable to hear people call businesses blight when they sit next to a freeway. Next to a freeway is perfect for business but not for residential
          People who support this are greedy idiots.

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