Why did the City of Burbank turn Memorial Day into Veterans Day?


This is from their official Facebook Page.



Once again.

Memorial Day is about those who have fallen. It is not about honoring our Vets. They already have their own fucking day.

What idiots. And it’s all so gratuitous and smarmy anyway, these phony sentiments.



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12 responses to “Why did the City of Burbank turn Memorial Day into Veterans Day?

  1. Al in SoCal

    Also dislike the encroachment, even though the surviving Veterans had little to do with this.

    That said, I think an “especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country on this their day” would have been a perfect ending as there is nothing wrong with a quick 1 sentence thank you.

    Yes .. we get another day – understood – no need to reiterate and if you don’t agree – then we can agree to disagree – still in America.

  2. Susan

    Whats wrong with honoring our veterans who sacrificed so that we can live free ? To me it’s Vets first because they gave the ultimate sacrifice to all of us.

  3. Dora

    Wasn’t it Nolan that came up with this change one night yelling in a rabid state at the city attorney while mansplaining ?

    • semichorus

      I see. Man bad, woman good.

      It was Mike who complained about this very same thing a couple of years ago. He was right.

      Memorial Day is Memorial Day. Nothing else.

    • A Thankful Citizen

      For Dumb Dora, you may want to check your facts and Dates.
      The current occupant of the City Attorney’s chair is the worst we’ve had, including the poor excuse of Billie Rudell.
      The City Staff are the one’s fiddling with the purpose of our Ceremonies at McCambridge Park.
      Please come up with a date of the exchange between Mike Nolan and the runt over Veteran Affairs.
      We can then verify through the tape (of the event that never occurred)

    • Dina

      When did Dumb Dora hit town?
      Her comment makes no dollars or cents.
      Mike Nolan championed legit causes long before the runt hit town.
      Her sexist comment including “mansplaining” is quite the tip-off.

  4. Joyce

    When I see and get stuck talking to Mr Nolan he does go blah, blah I’m a veteran so I can say whatever I want. It really gets old.

    • Donna

      So sad for “Joyce”.
      Checked with Mike Nolan about a Vet named “Joyce”.
      Could be she uses a “fake” name?
      “When in doubt……..get out.”

  5. David

    Just came back from Sepulveda VA and ran across Mike Nolan.
    We had a good giggle over this Joyce comment.
    While chatting in the 2nd Floor lobby, several staff and Vets stopped to say Howdy.
    Also, two Doctor’s took the time to ask Mike how certain Vet’s were doing.
    It seemed that he was well known (I already knew that) for keeping track of Vet’s here in the Valley.
    After a chat with my father (retired Burbank employee) I learned that Mike doesn’t “trade” on being a Viet Nam Vet, on the contrary he has been known since he was 12 years old for giving his opinion at meetings.
    According to my father, Mike not only has exercised his right to speak–
    he felt that those who came before him paved the way.
    This person calling herself “Joyce” must have a wire crossed.
    He has fought for “her” right to speak.
    Mike’s comments more often than not, are words many of us wish we had the guts to speak out about at a Public Forum.
    According to Dad, those last words came from John B. (Jack) Whitney.
    P.S. Mike was a pall bearer at Mr. Whitney’s Last Rights.

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