Once again, Burbank celebrates its failures as triumphs


This is from MyBurbank. The Leader did the same thing last week.

Burbank High moved their graduation down from the Starlight Bowl to Burbank High to celebrate the 2017 graduation class. The move resulted in a savings of $25,000 to the school plus free parking for parents at the old IKEA site. And that walk up the hill was also avoided!


How anyone with half a brain can try to play off a downgraded graduation ceremony thrown together out on the back lawn as something to actually celebrate is incredible. Have people in this town lost their minds? Do they have any sense at all, let alone taste?

A Starlight Bowl graduation was a neat thing. That’s why they’d always had it up there for so many years. So piss on you, Burbank.

Oh, and btw, Rogers gave away the game last month. The main reason why this piece-of-shit locale change occurred is not because of money. It’s because the City of Burbank wants to sell off the land underneath the Starlight Bowl for big bucks. So, let’s wean the population off of it as quickly as we can.


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One response to “Once again, Burbank celebrates its failures as triumphs

  1. chad

    Gates locked at the bottom of the hill today.

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