Does Lee Wochner pay his employees enough to be able to afford First Street Estates?


If they have three or four landlord-approved roommates. No problem:

Dozens of residents and business owners spoke during the council meeting, with most of them in favor of the project. Also, many of them said the First Street Village project is something Burbank has needed to offer those who work but do not live in the city as a housing alternative.

“If we want people to serve the community, we have to welcome them to join the community,” said Lee Wochner, chairman of the Burbank Chamber of Commerce. “We have to provide a place for them to live, and currently, there’s no place for our expanding workforce to live here in Burbank.”

Maybe all those actors he knows can help out with the rent too. No surprise that the owner of a local marketing firm called “Counterintuity” would think that a big business project like this is a great idea.

The thought of $2500 a month apartments (on the low side) satisfying any “Burbank” need is insane. No one in their right mind who could afford such a ridiculous amount would want to either:

a) choose to live next to a freeway, or

b) want to live in a place like Burbank when much, much nicer areas exist not too far away.

How about the other C of C members. Do they pay such great salaries?





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3 responses to “Does Lee Wochner pay his employees enough to be able to afford First Street Estates?

  1. Anonymous

    I doubt any of them pay above minimum wage

    • semichorus

      Nothing above 50,000 a year. Which is subsistence wages for anyone over 30.

      Try getting a Burbank landlord to rent you an apartment for that. Not any more.

      Not after they run your financials. Sixty percent of your take-home will go to rent. Minimum.

      So you’ll need a roommate– of which they have final choice. After they run THEIR financials…

      Nice deal, huh?

      Which no one (except me) utters a peep about.

  2. They’re just building them to sell to Chinese investors like Cusumano did across from City Hall.

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