Rogers might want to hold off on that supplemental income plan


Seems staff’s been getting cold feet about the idea of letting council members dual-serve as airport commissioners. The issue came up in February, and will be discussed again tomorrow:


Probably not. Outside of the council wanting to collect another paycheck, we can’t understand the motive behind dual membership. But who knows this New Burbank. They’ll probably vote for kids and dogs serving on the Commission. Preferably rescue.

An additional warning.



So in other words, what Fletcher got 20 years ago means nothing. And wouldn’t that be a fun one, losing a council office?



I.e., don’t do it, council.



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46 responses to “Rogers might want to hold off on that supplemental income plan

  1. Progressive News

    California Assembly Members launch the Progressive Caucus!
    This is perfect. Since Semi won’t define Progressivism for us, maybe they will.

  2. Thanks for the analysis. This is a crazy time of year for many folks and this is the kind of thing we need people paying attention to. One thing the staff report got wrong was: The council would be actually serving 3 masters: the public, big developers and the airport.
    One thing I am sick of in these staff reports is how they separate “the optics” of “public perception” and “reality.” As if the public is getting it wrong most of the time but sometimes “yeah they are right.” Such condescending BS. The optics are bad because it’s a stupid idea and has been since day one. We should make the role of commissioner an elected post.

  3. anonymous

    Vegas odds say that two democrat council members appoint themselves and get a piece of the airport cash pie. They love those fat checks at tax payer expense.

    • Jeff

      Something tells me that at least 2 council members will see an airport appointment means more cash in their pockets.

      • Anonymous

        They make $17k per year on council, in case you assholes think they are just raking it in.

        • semichorus

          You’re right. It’s not much. Which is why another 15K plus assorted bling would be a nice addition.

          Any other reason it’s a good idea, asshole? Even Albano is against it. She even used my “two masters” line.

        • Al in SoCal

          It was $600 a month + health benefits the last time I checked – is it more now? Is there anywhere specified as to how much anyone on *any* commission or committee or appointed but not on the city payroll make – ie: water & power rep Marsha Ramos – who I like – though I’d like to know how much she makes while doing her duties – which I believe she does well.

          • Anonymous

            All those boards and commissions are voluntary: no pay.
            The AA is different in that it was created by THREE cities. They must have seen a need to keep the membership professional.

            • semichorus

              That’s Burbank. Airport Commission gets pay and bling.

            • Al in SoCal

              Sure – I understand those are – but per my request above is there a place we can find out information like the amount the airport commissioners get – or if that MWD rep spot is paid and if so how much, etc etc – *any* paid ‘volunteer’ spot is what I’m interested in. I’m not saying this is a bad thing because I don’t think some should be paid, but transparency is a must in times like these.

    • Al in SoCal

      Note that GOP members of Congress & the Senate never give up OR cut those FAT Fed benefits while they vote cuts to yours and mine.

      • Slow to learn

        Kind of like when the Dems shoved that crap sandwich O’Care down our throats meanwhile exempting Congress. One of these days you’re going to figure out that it isn’t about ideology. It’s the establishment of both parties and of course “K” street that has much more power that few Marxist/Fascist kooks.

        • Al in SoCal

          Sure … attack. It’s fine – do you think I don’t know that BOTH parties are in the pockets of $$$$?
          Shocking .. I know – but I’m a veteran – and in the military you see the worst abuses of taxpayer $ that you can ever be exposed to. Unbelievable amounts of dollars go to waste there.
          Reason to bring this up was to reassure those watching that I’m aware of the abuses of power from both parties and while I argue their points, I’m not a fan and see exactly what you bring up.
          Without getting into the ideology trap, as you did bring up Dems – I’ll note that a conservative bench gave us the Citizen’s United – wait .. I would actually be semi-ok with this if all that $$ were easily trackable and transparent – and if you remember Obama said (and Alito lamely disagreed) exactly what came to fruition – big money backing things on BOTH sides and we have no idea where the $$ is coming from.
          IMO it’s coming from … hint: It’s cold 8 months out of the year – and not our neighbor to the North.

        • Anonymous

          20+ million more Americans insured. Yeah, that was terrible. Soon to be reversed by the Rethugs.


    • We're all suckers

      This is what the Cusumanos are doing since the City Burbank gave them the gift of Talapia.

      • semichorus

        Whatever they’re doing, they’re not doing in Burbank.

      • AX2GRIND

        Anyone been by the Talapea lately? This fucker is a monster project. That little cute neighborhood next to it with the barrier thingies are going to be lost in its shadow. Sell now people!

  5. Anonymous

    Holy fuck. Just how much DOES one make sitting on the AA? Bet it is chump change. Another mountain from a mole hill.

    • semichorus

      Rogers himself once documented the AA largesse. Some pretty nice deals, like trips for the wives.

      Of course, that’s back when he was an investigative reporter.

    • 91505

      The council members if they appoint themselves to the airport then they hand themselves more money, benefits and perks. End of story and makes me wonder what else they do just to make more money.

      • Anonymous

        Wonder away, simpleton. SOMEBODY gets the stipend. All the seats for Glendale and Pasadena are held by Councilmen I don’t see the problem.

        • semichorus

          The airport’s not in Pasadena or Glendale. So the Burbank City Council Airport Authority members will be forced to wear two hats.

          Whose interest wins out? I also didn’t write the hesitant staff report.

  6. chad

    You get what you pay for.

  7. Anonymous

    Can you say BODY WORN CAMERAS?

  8. Al in SoCal

    FOIA request? Ask the Leader to actually do a story? Ask City Council for ALL paid spot to be put up on the city website? Ask City Clerk?

    • June

      The Leader has plans for a big story, it’s on Lady Bugs that live on Chandler Bikeway. The bikes are disrupting their migration. Bikes now = bad.

    • Anonymous

      Just what spots do you think are paid? Besides the three AA commissioners.

      • Al in SoCal

        Unsure – actually I don’t *think* there are any – but wouldn’t it be great to know for a fact? Transparency is usually the best formula for denying speculation and rumors.

        • DixieFlyer

          Round and round they go……………..
          A simple call to the City Clerk, or to Marsha or on the internet could locate the “prized” information.
          Al in SoCal has inhaled the fumes, once again.
          “Go for it, little al.”
          Burbank Director to MWD Board= s t i p e n d.
          How long did you meanies make little al wait for an answer?

          • Al in SoCal

            From someone who lives on them – I would think you know what they’re called – and from someone who was fired from the PRIZED position.
            Thanks though – an internet search came up with nothing. I guess a $5 TAKL wordpress page is just too much to ask from the mentally stunted who argue against the displaying of that info.

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