The Republican response



Hillary seriously underestimated the number of deplorables in that basket.



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49 responses to “The Republican response

  1. Anonymous Burbank

    Sure hope that soecial prosecutor looks into everythong during the election and not just Russia
    I want to know about thd sharia law countries giving money to the vlinton foundation, the involvement of Soros with Hillary and the hired paid protestors against Bernie snd Ttump. Who paid them and just who was placing those craigs list ads to hire them and that’s just for stats. We should investigate evrything.

  2. Edgar

    As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used her unsecured personal email server for classified information. Her response was first to deny and then to say well it was a mistake. It was FBI Director Comey who reported the leak of classified information and the liberals went nutts. Now theses same liberals are oh so concerned with Russia yet with the personal server of Clinton the Russians could have been picking up classified information for years. To me this whole incident says it is not about the classified information or about any real concern for anything. This is about personal vendettas and they have no sincerity at all because there issue is that Hillary Clinton who endangered classified information through out her years as secretary of state should be president.

    • semichorus

      She did no such thing. Afterwards, three or four email messages were RECLASSIFIED at the lowest level (c).

      Condoleeza Rice used her own server. She erased them all when she left. It was Colin Powell who advised Clinton to use one, too.

      A number of people in the Bush II White House used REPUBLICAN PARTY servers for their official communications.

      HILLARY”S EMAILS!!! is a bogus issue. Trump in comparison is a traitorous crook who got caught– and everyone around him is lying.

    • Anonymous

      Trump released classified information to the Russians. Doesn’t bother you though.

    • Anonymous

      Clinton’s email server was not “unsecured”. It was well secured.

  3. Citizen Cane

    Semi, yes Hillary did do those things. Comey said so!

  4. Citizen Cane

    Obama gave Russia information about ISIS. Trump gave Russia information about ISIS.

    • Anonymous

      Obama did so in agreement with the NSA. Trump did so to boast. Without consultation with his “advisors”.

  5. chad

    It’s really no use having a reasoned discussions with morons who would rather see “liberals” get screwed at the cost of the destruction of the country. When you’re dealing with juvenile, petulant bullies like this, things like logic, reason, truth have no bearing in the discussion. They don’t care.

  6. chad

    Cane, if Obama did that, he did it in a way that adhered to a cogent process. He discussed it with his security advisors and others before doing so. As the president, Trump has the authority to declassify information but there is a process but which he’s supposed to do that. He declassified that information as he gave it to the Russians ignoring the formal process of declassification.
    As he leaves for his international tour and NATO summit, an institution that he once said should be dissolved (The Russians feel the same, BTW), his staff has informed various leaders and representatives of our NATO allies to keep their presentations and conversations short because the president doesn’t have a long attention span. This is all on the record and being stated to the press without irony or self-awareness. Do you think the POTUS, in general, needs to have at least some base level competence? Trump had really left the day to day operations of his “empire” to other people long ago. He was the face of the brand and was more interested in hanging out in Hollywood, doing his reality show, traveling to golf venues, etc…things that a semi-retired business person is equipped and wants to do. He had long lost interest in the details. He has brought this skill set to the presidency. Unfortunately, that skill set is not appropriate for the job description. He hasn’t even surrounded himself with competent people.

    • Nancy

      Trump never lost intetest in the day to day operation of his company, he was very hands on. Where do you get this nonsense from Chad.

  7. Anonymous

    Trump complains that no politician has ever been treated worse or more unfairly.
    I wonder if he has ever heard of Nelson Mandela? Probably not.

  8. Citizen Cane

    Chad. Defending any foreign policy decision Obama made is not wise. Everything Obama did failed.

    • Anonymous

      Killing bin Laden was a failure? Didn’t seem that way at the time.

      And don’t come back to me with “it was the SEALs that killed bin Laden”.

      Obama was CinC. He gets the credit for that. Or else Lincoln and Roosevelt accomplished nothing.

    • Duck eggs

      Chad your idea of reasoned is in question. You seem to believe Obama was always correct is the definition of reasoned. It is not. Sounds like you were thete and personally heard who advised whom. My guess is you were not.

  9. chad

    It’s a question of competency isn’t it? Address that. I’m talking about Trump simply not being able to do the job. He is just not able to fulfill the functions of of the Office of the President. He has been unable to make the shift from a grandstanding campaigner (which is what he is qualified to do based on his experience in business) to a functioning president. Trump ultimately stands for nothing other than self-promotion. He has a personality disorder. Isn’t that obvious? Was Obama’s decision to whack Bin Laden a bad foreign policy choice?

    • Kyle

      I watched his speech in Saudia Arabia today and it was not only presidental but from what the king and others said you can tell they had no respect for Obama and his pro Iran policies. President Trump is a great President.

      • Eileen

        President Trump haa been amazing in Saudi Arabia. You can feel the energy and Ameeican flag flying everyplace alongside the Saudi flag brings tears to my eyes. God Bless our President.

        • semichorus

          You know there’s something sick going on when Republicans run around and scream about how much they love Russia and Saudi Arabia.

  10. Carlos A

    Remember these liberals call Trump a racist and anti Muslim yet I am witnessing true love and respect from the Muslim leaders today both for our President and for our country. Remember when Obama went to Cuba ? No official greeting for him. First foreign trip for President Trump is a Muslim nation to meet with Muslim leaders across the middle east. This is #MAGA and I am so proud.

    • semichorus

      Yes, Saudi Arabia. A country that reams you on oil and also supplied the 9-11 terrorists. And they’re so great with women, too. See how many are in the attendant crowds?

      You Republicans are morons. Total sacks of shit.

  11. Felipe

    To all of those who listen to the fake liberal news and thought Trump was anti Muslim and was a threat to world peace and unity go ahead and add more lies about the show of respect and unity in the middle east today. The world disagrees with you and we all know how corrupt you all are.

    • Anonymous

      What a simpleton you are. Saudi Arabia is in a cold war with Iran, and Trump provided the dictator of Saudi Arabia with the appropriate talking point: Iran bad.
      Never mind that Sunni extremism emanates directly from Saudi Arabia.
      Look up Wahhabism. You drooling cretin. The 9-11 terrorists were all from Saudi Arabia. Yeah, we should be nice to SA or else.

      • Jan

        The 9-11 tertorists were not saudi Remember During world war 2 when Democrat president Roosevelt was allied with Stalin against the nazi’s. Oh horrors what a traitor Roosevelt was right ?

  12. chad

    Bin Laden’s (a Saudi) entire argument with the US was that we kept military in Saudi Arabia after the Gulf War. He was pissed that his fighters were not asked to repel Iraq and the US was. When we left troops near his Holy Land he never forgot and that fueled the entire plan for the 9-11 attacks. When I saw that photo of Trump with five Saudi princes and one woman who seemed to be translating (?) I thought to myself of all the people in the photo only the woman was actually qualified to be doing what she was doing. Everyone else was born into privilege.

    • 99r

      OMG Chad just how do you know that she doesn’t come from a family of translators and was born into the provleged job of being a translator. Such judgemental crap Chad.

  13. Anonymous

    Sure it is deplorable to try and make alliances to remove threats while running around protesting everything and acting like complete morons while calling others racists and biggots is the right thing to do. NOT liberal heads are exploding that after Trumps so called Muslim ban all the muslim countries are welcoming him with great respect. Get in touch with reality you guys are out of step with reality.

  14. Anonymous

    Lots of comments by Repugs about how popular Trump is with the dictators in the Arab world. Now THAT is something to be proud of!

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