Local insanity


You can only imagine the kind of vision these clowns have for your future.

From today’s Leader article about the mass destruction of those ficus trees on Magnolia, of which only a few are causing any problems:

Understanding that some residents and business owners would be shocked if all of the trees were removed at once, Sugars said they will be cut down at a staggered rate.

He added that it is important for residents to understand that, although it may be upsetting to see these trees that have been around for about 40 years go away, the decision to replace them was based on improving the city.

“When you run a city, you really have to think in decades and for future generations, and this is that kind of decision that’s being made,” Sugars said. “It’s unfortunate that these beautiful trees are going to go, but in the long run, it’s the best thing for the city, and we need to hand the city off to future generations in good shape. Leaving those trees in there would not be leaving the city in good shape.”

And packing in two thousand more apartments in Downtown Burbank is.

In other words, there’s no good reason to do it now — cutting down those trees — and so we’re trying to come up with some limpdick excuse to justify a stupid decision that a previous council made at the prompting of staff employees who were too lazy to have their own people maintain the trees, and which we won’t make any effort to undo.

Where btw is Golonski on this one? And how about going after Gabel-Luddy’s neighborhood next? Those old Rancho trees are getting pretty shabby.

Change is good, people!



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8 responses to “Local insanity

  1. 91505

    Gool-anski is alive and well with his finger up the butt of Rogers.

  2. chad

    They haven’t replaced them with anything yet as far as I can see. At least replant, with hopefully more than a twig, ASAP.

  3. James Carlile Nemesis Club

    Any relation between the proponents and anyone that sells trees?

    • semichorus

      I’m a little confused. Am I the one who runs a nemesis club?

      Not a bad idea.

      • James Carlile Nemesis Club

        Every now and then we agree on something, it scares us too.]

        Don’t get us wrong. We think that you and your ilk are pathetic clingers to a Burbank that never actually ever was. Tin Foil hats and assorted nonsense in the back room of the Coral Cafe is a pathetic bookend on a glamorous career in the janitorial arts. Wait, what?

        Our Club will celebrate when you move on to your final contribution to society as worm food. And based on your current displacement Jimbo, oh what a feast they will have!

        • semichorus

          Still pissed that they wouldn’t let you in there, eh?

          As a matter of fact, I think I’ve been to the Coral maybe two times total, if even that. I was more of a Paty’s guy. So I don’t know that crowd, sorry.

          Better get new sources about my “displacement,” too. What I hear about me lately is laughable.

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