Drain the swamp





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7 responses to “Drain the swamp

  1. chad

    Folks, that is politician with vision, education and fervent moral commitment. I watched that speech as she made it. I’m actually crying right now. I think about how the Republicans have tried to diminish what we should expect from government. I think about the incompetence that is now our daily fare served to us by the pampered idiots who have no commitment to public service. They only see politics as another market to exploit. Can you imagine taking a class with Barbara Jordan? I would never have left the classroom.

  2. Joe

    Seriously ? You are reaching the point of being deranged

  3. chad

    Good luck, Joe. You’re going to need it.

  4. Anonymous Burbank

    I am so tired of people seeing Rusians behind every corner. There will be no impeachment because there are no crimes and some of these Democrats and Republicans began screaming for impeachment before Trump was even sworn into office just lile screaming for the FBI director to be fired and now they scream that he was fired. In 50 years you people will be the biggest idiots in American history.

  5. Burbank Chuligan

    Thank you for this. Truly.
    She’s almost as good an orator as Will Rogers. /sarc
    I’m sure you realize that if her mindset proliferated throughout all the governments in America today, progressivism would be dead and gone. Snuffed out like a cigarette butt.
    She admitted her love for the constitution. The progressives? Not so much. You know, the negative rights thing and all.

  6. chad

    You don’t even know who Barbara Jordan was Burbank Chul.

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