City wants to give Boys and Girls Club $150,000 to refurbish school district bungalows at Jefferson and Harte

Always check the Exhibits for the nonsense.

This year’s CDBG proposals up for approval tomorrow night involve several funding giveaways to the BUSD. One concerns a low five-figure amount for “Summer Youth Employment” services, which is a direct subsidy to the district for a program of limited if not dubious value (poor BTAC by comparison on the line above is getting half that amount for homeless services).

That’s bad enough when it comes to local priorities. But buried deep within another Exhibit is a capital expenditure proposed on behalf of the Boys and Girls Club, which is not a Burbank agency btw. It’s apparently going for another subsidy to the BUSD, this time to rehab several of its own buildings — what ever “rehab” means. (And why is the request cited elsewhere as property acquisition?)

What is it with all the pull this B&G Club has with these people? Who the hell even uses that place enough to warrant all of the preferential attention it gets? Last year they wanted $500,000 for this same purpose, and the council didn’t give them a dime. This year staff’s trying to quietly fit in 150Gs.

Besides the potentially illegal commingling of funds (California law basically prohibits cities from giving their local school districts money), what ever happened to all of those various school bonds the voters approved? Where did THAT money go to not be able to improve a school bungalow here and there?

And — always the ultimate question– why all these constant subsidies to the Boys and Girls Club?

A number of years ago there was major handwringing over whether or not the city should cough up money just to help redo the tennis courts at Burroughs. That was during the Kramer-McConkey era. Now there’s no question or concern about this financial pipeline?



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9 responses to “City wants to give Boys and Girls Club $150,000 to refurbish school district bungalows at Jefferson and Harte

  1. 91506

    We do have both a council and school board controlled by elected Democrats. that being the case you ask about the spending of money by mixing it with and handing it to friends ? Trust me we will all see anything but responsible prioritized spending for the next 4 years.

    • Anonymous

      We have a Repug in the WH, one who apparently revealed very sensitive ultra secret intel to the Russians simply to boast about the quality of the intel he gets.
      What was the crime that Clinton was supposed to have committed that would have gotten her locked up? Oh yeah. Mishandling secret documents.
      Got it.
      Repugs are assholes.

      • Sam

        Who we have in the White House has nothing to do with our corrupt group of Democrats on our council. You know, the ones who apparently did not mind fifty thousand of taxpayer funds being used to promote yes on Measure B. Want me to bring up more that this corrupt group oc Democrats has done ? Sorry but who is in the White House has nothing to do with it so keep your eyes on the ball there anonynous..

  2. Anonymous

    Every penny of Measure S was allocated before the bond was passed. There is no spare money for any purpose, including refurbishing bungalows not specifically listed in the bond.

    • semichorus

      There have been three separate bond issues over the last 20 years, supplemented by several hundred million dollars of state funds for capital expenditures.

      They’ve had enough money to “rehab” a couple of bungalows. And to what purpose here?

  3. Anonymous

    B and G club is just like a whiney youngster that has sense of entitlement. They have brass balls for all they ask for but enough is enough. Share the (so called) wealth.

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