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  1. Larry

    I swear to God you are so fixated on Trump that someone could steal your underwear and you would not even notice at all. Get off it already.

    • semichorus

      Yeah, the guy’s only in the news 24/7. What an obsession of mine.

      • Annonymous

        In the news becaude the news is obsessed and sees Russians everywhere. Wouldn’t it be great if the Burbank Leader actually became obsessed with reporting actual news in Burbank ? Instead the Leader is stuck on stupid.

  2. And What ?

    If we wrote a book about the ego of Rogers it would not be a book it would be an 8 book series.

  3. chad

    How much extra money will it cost us, the American taxpayers, to add extra security for the upcoming Trump trip because of his stupidity? Do conservatives, who supposedly are so concerned about government waste, care about this? Your president’s big mouth just cost us a shitload more money.

    • Matt

      How much did security cost everytime Obama flew to Hawaii to golf ? How much were the fuel cost for those trips ?

      • Stan

        Look at what Obama’s incomptance cost in the rise of terrorism across the midldle east not to mention his wasted missle strikes.

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