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  1. chad

    Wow. That was great. The trailer frankly brought me to my knees and the monologue was wild. It plays with your expectations. I’ll contribute something. I don’t think I’ve posted it here.

  2. Bryan

    He makes really good points about Comey being fired.

    • semichorus

      Hardly. He’s a douchebag moron.

      The time to have fired Comey was months ago. If anything, because of his recent ordeal by fire, he would have been the BEST person to run a Russia investigation. He was suitably chastened by his mistakes, and on guard now to do the right thing and stay impartial.

      Which is EXACTLY why Trump fired him. He wants a stooge or shill in there instead.

      Dems are outraged by this firing because of the retaliatory timing of it and the dishonest, interfering reason.

      • Josh

        I never trusted Comey and he never should have been the head of the FBI. I think the sooner he is fired the better and being chastized has nothing to do with it. He was in over his head from day one and is still in over his head now. Trump did good getting him out of there.

      • Ed

        Oh really ? The truth is that if Trump didn’t fire Comey and Comey found nothing about Russia you giys would scream that you told everyone Comey should have been fired. I really think there is no Russian link to even find, it’s like you are looking for the midsing link. How’s that been going for the last 100 plus years LOL

    • semichorus

      I knew Trump’s America would get scary. I just didn’t figure it would be so soon.

  3. chad

    “suitably chastened” – You’re on your A-game today Semi.

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