Will Burbank be getting a produce butcher?


Does it deserve one?

This is the model for the new Whole Foods stores. It’s built on the food court idea, much like an Eataly or Grand Central.

The floorplan at Bryant Park is similar to that projected for Talaria. It’s smaller than most, and multilevel. Instead of rows of staples, there are little alcoves here and there devoted to the specific product types.

A heavy emphasis too on prepared foods, and with a centralized ordering scheme built around small computer terminals.

And of course, the now famous,


Don’t laugh — it’s actually a good idea. Although he doesn’t ever appear to be very busy.

Now, is anyone going to be making this kind of effort for Burbank? Is anyone going to demand it?

If not, then why do it at all.



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16 responses to “Will Burbank be getting a produce butcher?

  1. chad

    A lot of references to people’s teams….

  2. Anonymous

    Burbank will only be getting butchered.

  3. Anonymous

    We already got a butcher and her name is Springer

  4. RJ

    Little alcoves ? Think of what sexiness can go on in the little alcoves. Sounds perfect for Burbank to me.

  5. Theres

    Speaking about markets. I certainly hope they do something to make sure that beggers and homeless people are kept away from the Whole Foods so that the rest of us can have a good shopping experience.
    Speaking of which isn’t there a law in Burbank that people must take a shower before entering stores ? I was at the market a few days ago and there was Nolan, the man is really filthy and that throne he rides in is disgustingly dirty. I spoke to an employee about how he should not be allowed inside due to contamination from his filth and the employee told me that they don’t have a rule about that yet. Can’t we just have the firemen hose people with filthy feet and arms and hands down with a fire hose or something ? It really is a health threat to everyone when filthy people who refuse to take showers are allowed around our food.

  6. Karen

    I just saw this on NBC news. Why is the city removing hundreds of trees right after Sharon Springer gets on the council ??? I never heard we planned to remove all the trees in Burbank before but now with Sharon we are tearing out all the trees ? People should be complaining about this it is an assault on our environment.

    • semichorus

      Why all of a sudden? This had been planned — incrementally — for years.

      They obviously waited until after the election to keep it from being an issue.

  7. chad

    We will get a Butcher, and his name is Bill.

  8. Anonymous

    “The floorplan at Bryant Park is similar to that projected for Talaria. ” What floor plan? One has never been made public.

    • semichorus

      Wrong. They talked about it repeatedly during the PR sessions. Smaller than most WFs, and possibly even two floors. Just like Bryant Park. And food courts are the new model for WF.

      People making excuses now for Burbank’s probably-to-be crap version?

  9. Al

    Councilman Frutos told me that the Burbank Whole Foods will be the crown jewel of the Whole Foods Markets. It will have the best of everything that can be offered. I believe Frutos

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