Savagery on Magnolia

So the city has suddenly decided to cut down those beautiful ficus trees en masse? And not incrementally — if and when they caused sidewalk problems — as promised?

They obviously waited until right after the election so that this wouldn’t be a super-charged political issue. Cynical bastards.

To his credit, Dave Golonski and his wife were always adamantly against their wholesale elimination. He pleaded restraint whenever the issue came in front of the council.

What you’re seeing here is ideological eco-fascism at its worst. And expedience. There’s nothing inherently wrong with those ficus trees. Only a few of them were causing problems.

Tree City, eh? And please. Spare us the extolling of their replacements, staff. You’re assholes to be doing this.

Scratch the produce butcher dreams, obviously. It’s Pig City, and everybody on the outside knows it. You’ll be lucky if you get a ‘365’ over there. Not even that.



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32 responses to “Savagery on Magnolia

  1. Dorothy

    Come on people, the trees must be removed to make Burbank a Sustainable City. We were a tree city but now make way trees for the sustainable city.

  2. Bob

    This is very disappointing inter party tricks going on:
    Nalini Lasiewicz
    May 9 at 3:56pm
    It was very disappointing to hear that a whisper/smear campaign hit one of our own recently, Eric Bauman. This all came about just a few days before the State Party convention, and the election for our next California Democratic Party Chair. Rather than stay silent, Eric let fellow Democrats know what has been happening. Here is his letter….
    Fellow Democrats,
    I had been planning to distribute a very exciting email this morning announcing that I just closed in on the number of committed delegates needed to win the California Democratic Party Chair’s race.
    My encouragement was overshadowed by the shocking and horrible news I must share.
    I am outraged about the latest tactic in the politics of personal destruction that have infected this race for CDP Chair.
    Last Thursday evening, my phone bank team started hearing from some delegates that they had “heard” that I have been engaging in inappropriate behavior with 14 and 16 year old boys. When I first heard it, I could not believe it and I brushed it off. Then, we heard it again on Friday and I became really angry. I’m a pretty tough guy and I can take the attacks, lies, distortions, and mud that has been slung at me pretty well.
    But to accuse me of child abuse, especially of this nature, is beyond the pale and 100% unacceptable.
    Yesterday afternoon, as I was speaking with delegates, this issue came up again, this time, in the form of a delegate who knows me and is supporting me, who said to me, “You won’t believe what I heard…”
    The truth is, I lost it. I became so enraged that my hands were shaking and I did not know what to do, where to turn, how to react.
    I spent much of my evening sobbing, literally sobbing – a 58 year old man, inconsolable. Finally, my husband Michael convinced me to go with him for a long walk with the dog so we could talk and I’d be distracted.
    I want to say plainly: we Democrats cannot, must not accept or tolerate the spreading of despicable lies like this. It means we are no better than Trump with his character assassination tactics. WE MUST REFUSE TO ALLOW PEOPLE WHO CLAIM TO BE DEMOCRATS TO GET AWAY WITH THIS TYPE OF HEINOUS AND OBNOXIOUS BEHAVIOR!
    I have dedicated 30 years of my life to this Party. I do NOT deserve to be accused of being a pedophile in the name of trying to win an election. It is simply intolerable and unacceptable and each and everyone of you, whether you support me or not, must help put a stop to this hateful, reputation-destroying rhetoric.
    I will be a strong Chair, who fights for equality for all, for rights of working women and men, and to help those in greatest need and those at greatest risk. That’s what our Party stands for and requires – but the members of Party cannot go around acting like Donald Trump and his alt-right gang of thugs and expect voters to see us differently.
    Democratically yours,
    Eric C. Bauman
    Vice Chair, California Democratic Party
    Chair, Los Angeles County Democratic Party

    • semichorus

      Fellow Democrats aren’t responsible for this. Dirty trickster Republicans are. Or even, possibly, Russians.

      It’s people fucking around. And here at least, it’s going to stop.

      See people what Trump and Trumpism and alt-right craziness and evil has done?

      • Nate

        I am confused Semichorus because no where does Bowman in that letter say it was Republicans who spread the lies he says it was from opponents in the race for seat as state chair. Only Democrats can run for state chair of the Democratic Partyu right ?

  3. Bob

    I honestly do not understand what is happening to the brains in our Democrat party. So disappointed in everything now with them.!
    “Elections Update: Applebaum Defeated; Gordon Limps Into Runoff
    Burbank residents yesterday saw our votes counted and the result was a decided rejection of certain incumbents.
    School Board Member Larry Applebaum got defeated for reelection by newcomer Steve Frintner.  The results weren’t even close.  This was a clear rejection by Burbank residents of Applebaum’s questionable political judgment and regularly jerky demeanor.
    On the City Council Bob Frutos and Jess Talamantes cruised to reelection both winning outright.  The results reflect the love that the community has developed for these two who work to make wise decisions and are always gentlemen.
    For the final council seat Sharon Springer takes David Gordon into a runoff.  This was quite the shock since the other incumbents cruised to such easy reelections and because a majority of voters did not vote for an incumbent councilmember, David Gordon.  We’ve made no attempt to hide our distaste of the creepy and clueless Gordon.  City workers often quietly apologize to citizens for his bluster and how much he embarrasses the city by constantly speaking about things he just doesn’t know diddly squat about.  Burbank residents would be better served by Ms. Springer.
    In other news, our own Shanna Ingalsbee got elected Chair of the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley!  We are just ecstatic.”
    I am planning to change my party affiliation ASAP..

    • semichorus

      You know how we know you’re not a Democrat? Because no Democrat calls it the “Democrat” Party.

      Asshole Republicans do. So play games somewhere else.

    • Anonymous

      That is the local Burbank Democratic Club there. Not a large party organ.

  4. Tamara

    No doubt in my mind that the trees are being destroyed by the rich white conservative Republicans in Burbank. Groups like Burbank View Points and David Spell are responsible for destroying Burbank and harming our environment. I am sure they are against trees as well as they are against people and the planet and all things that are enlightened and progressive. We should build large buildings with small apartments for these conservatives like Spell and his group and take their homes and give their homes to the poor and the homeless to live in. It is so past the time to impose social justice on these rich white people. Spell and his group and that Sousa guy all need to lose their entitlements and their voices. We need to change Burbank and make it a progressive city.

  5. Norm

    That is from the Burbank Blog which is run by the Burbank Democrat Club. I think that is a terrible organization. It was spreading dirty lies about Dr Gordon in the last election. I always vote the opposite of what those nut jobs say.

    • semichorus

      Democrat Party?

      • Anonymous

        As you say, only a reactionary Repug calls the Democratic party the “Democrat” party.

        • semichorus

          There’s a lot of sudden alt-right ratfucking going on — both nationally and, apparently, locally too now.

          Much psycho shit. Here at least it’s going to end.

          • Anonymous

            This reported slander on Bauman has nothing to do with the alt right or repugs.
            It comes from other Democrats.

            • semichorus

              No it doesn’t. It’s typical alt-right ratfucking.

              No Dem has taken responsibility for it.

              • Rick

                And no Republicans have taken credit for the attacks on Eric either. Do you believe Dems always take credit ? If yes then please explain Golonski

              • semichorus

                If no one’s taken credit for it, how do you know who did it.

                You ain’t too bright, are you?

                Wouldn’t surprise me if it WAS ratfucking Russians.

  6. Bob

    I am surprised by all of this. I am not a registered “Democratic” I am a registerd “Democrat”. My ballot arrives and says I am a “Democrat” and not that I am a “Democratic” . Perhaps you guys are a different party than I am ?

    The dictionary says the following:
    Democratic – [dem-uh-krat-ik]
    pertaining to or of the nature of democracy or a democracy.
    pertaining to or characterized by the principle of political or social equality for all:
    democratic treatment.
    advocating or upholding democracy.


    Democrat – [dem-uh-krat]

    an advocate of democracy.
    a person who believes in the political or social equality of all people.
    (initial capital letter) Politics.
    a member of the Democratic Party.
    a member of the Democratic-Republican Party.

    I am a Democrat and not a Democratic.

  7. Gary

    Sorry Semichorus but it has been widely reported that the rumors and the battle over Party Chair in California has been caused by Sanders supporters. Read this report

    California race roiled by rumors of inappropriate behavior
    Posted: May 08, 2017 4:05 PM PDT
    Updated: May 08, 2017 4:05 PM PDT

    Associated Press
    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – The closely fought race to lead California’s Democratic Party took an unusual turn after a leading candidate said he’s the target of false rumors about inappropriate behavior with teenage boys.
    Details are vague and no one has pinpointed the source of the claims.
    But they’ve added unexpected drama to a little-watched contest that was shaping up as a duel between Bernie Sanders loyalists and the party’s establishment wing.
    State party vice chair Eric Bauman, one of two leading candidates for the top job, sent an email Sunday to Democrats saying his supporters have heard the rumors while making phone calls to delegates.
    Bauman labeled them “despicable lies.”
    His chief rival in the race, activist and Sanders supporter Kimberly Ellis, denounced any “cruel maligning of someone’s character.”
    Democrats pick the next chair May 20.
    Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

    • Chuck

      Semichorus why are you trying to be the know all about Democrats when you are hardly a Democrat with your positions here ??? You seem to promote the Burbank Alt right positions on just about everything.

  8. chad

    Rumors and lies are all you have Gary. Paraphrasing D.P. Moynihan – “One is entitled to one’s own opinions, but not to one’s own facts.”

  9. Steve

    Hey Semichorus are you wearing a tin foil hat when you think this stuff up ? I fact checked you bro and we all know your a Repuglican but stop trying to give them so much credit for everything that happens man. Do you see Repuglicans in your sleep or what !

  10. Samantha

    The author here sure likes to Mansplain things. Get a strong woman author to write the stories and you will have higher ratings. Angry old conservatives and there mansplaining are so 2005.

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