The Tuesday Night Appreciation Society

We have no interest in watching this week’s council meeting, to be honest. There’s nothing on the agenda but the budget ratification and review, and with this current lackluster and credulous bunch in charge the 10,000th rerun of Golden Girls would be more interesting.

But do keep count — if you watch it — of how many times the words “thanks” or “thank you” or “wonderful” or “excited” get used.



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32 responses to “The Tuesday Night Appreciation Society

  1. Burbank Bureaucrat

    Love this guy. He’s right, the planners don’t pay much attention to the bigger picture. The lady in the crosswalk is hysterical.

  2. Natalie

    First night of the new rules from Mayor Rogers. The disrespect and hateful behavior of Nolan ends and respect for women will return to city hall starting tonight.

    • semichorus

      Or else, yes.

    • Anonymous

      ” Natalie
      May 9, 2017 at 9:16 am
      First night of the new rules from Mayor Rogers. The disrespect and hateful behavior of Nolan ends and respect for women will return to city hall starting tonight.”
      So, Rogers will have to remain silent. Excellent!

      • semichorus


        I love how criticizing Albano for her insincere and inane explanations is disrespect towards women.

        Convenient, eh?

  3. Anonymous

    What’s wrong with saying thanks or thank you?

    • semichorus

      I’m talking about fawning. And feel-good idiocy.

      It’s inevitable now.

      • Anonymous

        It’s inevitable that the Council is no longer riven with Gordon’s lunacy.

        If he really thinks he is going to run again he is delusional.

  4. Burbank Bill

    some funny posts on that I Love Burbank Facebook page run by Telamonte
    Somone posted about the dirty bathroom at Trader Joes in toluca lake. Well Ross Benson just exploded, blasting what does it have to do with Burbank, etc. Folks just piled on him, pointing out that the store is just a block or 2 out of Burbank. then Ross’ wrath continued, when someone asked about all the cops in the Rancho. Well Ross wasnt having it, saying not everything needs to be put on the World Wide Web (ummm 90s???) Turns out some dude blew his head off.. maybe couldnt take Luddy a neighbor anymore…maybe Ross just needs a hug.

    • semichorus

      No news is good news I guess.

      I love these updates about **WeLoveBurbank**. Such a warm and loving community.

  5. Frank

    Burbank Bill,

    I saw what your talking about and that Ross Benson guy is just an overweight troll like that Kevin Harrop guy. Both of them are just hack trolls that defend any absurd thing that the establishment hacks do or say. Last week Benson went off on somebody for asking about a police incident and Benson said if you check My Burbank you will always find the news and when the person said they did check My Burbank and nothing was there he went off saying it takes time to get the info and put it on that silly My Burbank site. The guy is just and overweight troll and is not a reliable source for anything.

    • semichorus

      The BPD rarely reports suicides, and neither do the papers. So it’s no surprise the Rancho incident had a blackout of sorts.

      • Suicides happen far more often than is reported. myBurbank goes by the old school journalism rule that it is a private matter for the family. We do not publish the victim’s name because we do not want people to think that they will get their names published if they do commit suicide and hopefully it serves as a small deterrent. With that said, there are also exceptions like if a crime is also committed with the suicide, such as a murder/suicide or if involves a noteworthy person. Suicide is a very sad occurrence and while we hear of them on the police radio, we try and not report them if at all possible. We will also report of an occurrence via Twitter to inform if it is in an open area to the public to advise to avoid the area for police, traffic concerns. I recently had a former player commit suicide and all I was left with was an empty heart. It is always a tough subject to deal with.

  6. FCT

    the Talamantes I love Burbank site highlights:

    Julia Rodriguez-Buis
    1 hr
    Hey all! Looking for a LOCAL BUSINESS to paint the interior of my home. Have you any great references you want to send my way? Thanks

    Paint the place yourself

    Lawrence Marak
    May 7 at 9:31am
    Does anyone know how many residential units (single family and condo/ apartment) there are in Burbank?

    Linda Smith
    7 hrs
    Ross Benson. Ck your messages please.

    Lauri Snipes
    May 5 at 12:00pm
    I was told that Burbank is Not considered the valley by two long time residents ( I guess it was insulting- lol). It’s not LA 😝. They said it is its own thing. What do you think? Valley, LA or its own thing?

    Kathie Garten Simons
    May 6 at 12:11pm
    Just got a call from 657-221-5554 saying he’s calling for the city of Burbank and that my home qualifies for free restoration of windows, roof, walk-in bathtub, etc. etc. I call blocked him. Do ya think it’s a scam?

    Lisa Komorowski This is a community page where people in our community come to give advice, ask questions and share knowledge. Why do you find it necessary to reprimand someone asking about a person that may have been shot in our neighborhood. This isn’t Nazi Germany or N Korea, she has every right to ask her question!

    Kevin Harrop Wow. Almost had a kerfuffle here. I miss those.
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    2 · 17 hrs

    • semichorus

      Burbank’s the Valley. So is Glendale.

      Did Larry Marak tell the guy to paint his own place? They should tell Larry to go away and read another book.

      • Anonymous

        O the wise old Burbank residents unanimously told everyone Burbank is NOT in the Valley it’s its own city duh.

  7. Drew

    There will be no thanks for Nolan. He is a potty mouth and filled with hate speech.

  8. Anonymous

    Rogers rambles on like he’s had a few cocktails before his debut

  9. BURBANK Bill

    Rogers really is a disgrace chairing the meeting. Constantly joking about having to go to the bathroom, calling fellow members by their first name, etc. ugh, long year ahead with him at the helm

    • semichorus

      Well, I’ve always had a theory about Rogers’ behavior — it revolves around lack of a good father figure image. A fellow male can spot it. Absence of a certain kind of polish, poise, that kind of thing. Then over-aggressive about the wrong things because of a broken family background. Few strong male figures in his life for sure when young.

      No one to shut him up and make him fly straight, basically. Among other lessons.

      It also explains his old bad-Daddy issues with McConkey.

      • Heirin

        Burbank is not in the valley. The City of Burbank said it’s not on their official Face Book page. I saw it. This blog gives fake information about Burbank.

      • Almost a Lefty Kook

        Semi, have you finally accepted the your party has been hijacked by the extreme left? The comments you object to lately are posted by the extreme left. You know that, right? it’s not GOP. They post like the may be on the right, but they’re not.
        Anything but perfect conformity is not acceptable on the extreme left.
        I disagree with you on many things, but I still think your’re a cool dude. Don’t be deceived by the extreme lefty kooks out there.
        You have not posted anything on the Berkeley protests. The speaks volumes to me.
        Good luck buddy. You’re going to need it.

  10. Gabe

    Almost a lefty kook sounds like a GOP’er for sure. The Berkeley protests were only free speech being exercised so get lost conservative jerk

    • Steve

      Rattled much there almost a lefty ? Think it’s about time you move out of our state with your views. Change is on the way bubba.

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