Oh, there’s planning all right. It’s just mindless


Muldoon’s totally on to it:


Those half-way median crossings on Glenoaks are nuts. And removal of the bus benches on San Fernando is civic hypocrisy at work.

Burbank cajoles and inhibits all at the same time — which proves the claim that these so-called improvement “measures” (like encouraging bike riding) are only being used as an excuse for more development. Total insincerity. Any “planning” going on isn’t for the rest of us.

Bikes and pedestrians and motor vehicles also don’t mix. Ask DeBlasio. Ever seen what’s it’s like when bike riders caroom all over? They’re a menace to the pedestrians!



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6 responses to “Oh, there’s planning all right. It’s just mindless

  1. Ted

    There is planning and it is designed to congest the streets and overcrowd Burbank. We are a small community and the big buildings they want to build in downtown will congest traffic so bad they are doing it to try to force us all out of cars is what I think. Do they care about safety ? NO they care about money.

  2. Joe

    Who was that Wolf bugger that talked all the Springer crazy sustainable crap at tonights council meeting tonight. I think that turd Wolf posts on this blog he sure sounded like some of the posts jere recently.

  3. Anonymous

    I did throw up a bit in my mouth when he spoke. Love these first time only one agenda newcomers.

  4. Anonymous

    Muldoon is in an alter state in this video it looks like. How can anyone think the way he does ? Oh wait he can’t think or walk for that matter

  5. Irwin Fletcher


    “The bridge would offer equestrians, pedestrians, and cyclists a crossing over the river and feature an eye-catching and expensive design.”

    Equestrians, pedestrians AND cyclists on the same bridge? WTF? Don’t tell the Rancho folks.

    • Steve

      Don’t tell the Rancho right wingers but bikes are in and horses will be out soon enough. They will be removed soon enough so progress can move forward.

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