Of course



That’s what this firing is all about, along with the Russians. The R’s have been upset since July that Comey wouldn’t go after her in a criminal prosecution. Trump and Sessions could care less about his departmental mistreatment of Hillary Clinton.

From Rosenstein’s letter recommending termination:


Schiff and others better think twice about wanting a “special prosecutor” on this, including Elizabeth Warren. Anyone appointed by a Republican will immediately try to shift the investigation into Clinton/Obama territory. They’ll start going through Michelle’s checkbook for improprieties.


Ken Starr, anyone? Remember how that one started?

A special prosecutor appointment will be a big mistake. Unless of course you want Bill and Hillary thrown in jail on some bogus claim. Or Michelle and Barack.




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14 responses to “Of course

  1. Art

    So clueless. Digby et al only months ago Democrats were calling Comey incompetant and calling for him to go so now that he is gone they are unhappy he is gone. Face it he works under the deputy attorney general and a new deputy attorney general was put in place 6 days ago. Ever think his new boss has no confidence in him so now he is gone.

  2. Lawrence

    on the FBI director it seems there is wide bipartisan agreement that he needs to go

  3. chad

    Do you guts guys get paid to write this crap. You know Trump lies everyday, pathologically. Everyone knows this. You just choose to play a game for a certain goal which I guess is to install a despot. Good luck. This is usually the sign that your type is actually dying off. Keep lying. No one with any integrity actually believes your crap.

  4. chad

    “Guys.” Sorry, “guts” would be not be something I would associate with you Trump clowns.

    • Anonymous

      Chad you are just dilusional. Get a grip dude and grab another starbucks and wait for people like Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi to tell you what to think next oh and be sure to catch Hillary’s next lie.

  5. EDD

    We got racist conservative/Alt-Right douches selling real estate in Burbank. From the comments section of a FB post on the Leader about a robbery in Burbank. Of course we all know this guy is talking in code and is shitting on Mexicans.





  6. chad

    Anon, go back to frat and strangle yourself with your beer bong.

  7. Al in SoCal

    The Russians are celebrating their US victory:


    Motto to the story – it doesn’t take much to affect a US election. Another story on how Russia is contributing to fringe candidates in other countries (yes – Trump is a fringe nut-based candidate):


    • Gary

      Honestly the fringe nut based people are the ones who supported Bernie the socialist and Hillary. Bernie supporters should all move to Venezuela and enjoy the bread lines.

      • semichorus

        And the abundance of classical music. Huge music programs there for the kids.

        That’s where Dudamel came from.

        (Who?, they say…)

        • Ron

          Music does not do much for you when the stores have no food and the hospitals have no medicine of mexical supplies Semichorus. People are fleeing Venezuela into Colmbia today just to survive.

    • Samantha

      This FBI Director thing is just so crazy. First you call for the man to be fired because he is part of the cover up and conspiracy then when he is fired you go crazy and claim he should not be fired ? This is just nutts. I am glad he was fired.

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