Schiff hints that they’re all lying


Braver and smarter than anyone in the mainstream media — and more knowledgeable than most about what’s really going on here — our local congressman quietly implied tonight that they were all in on the Russia connection.


Does anyone honestly believe that Pence didn’t know anything about this previously? He’d had no contact with anyone but Flynn about this hugely notorious topic?

Trump had gone out of his way to bring people in with strong connections to Russia. He even kept Flynn on until it became totally radioactive.






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30 responses to “Schiff hints that they’re all lying

  1. Anonymous


    Because Trump needed Putin’s help to defeat Clinton.


    • semichorus

      I’m only leaving this on here to show what total and complete morons you right wingers are.

      There’s nothing wrong with wanting to “socialize” the country. That’s what you do to little kids. To socialize is a good thing.

      It’s not the same as “nationalize,” which is what you think she’s saying. It’s also not the same thing as “socialistic.” Socialize and socialistic are two different things.

      She may want to nationalize the oil companies, which could be a good warning to them. Someone should be scaring them. People used to.

      You like oil companies? Since when.

      Even Archie Bunker hated them

      • Anonymous 1

        Waters is not talking aboit socialize she is clearly talking about socialism. Further Sacramento just increased the price of gas at the pump, not the oil companies but the politicians with yet another tax increase.

        • semichorus

          The video used the word socialize.

          How dare she want to socialize the country!

          • Anonymous

            She had a hard time spitting out socialize and then she explained it as taking over your company. So your idea of socializing kids is taking over ? Sorry but that’s socialism.

            • semichorus

              I’m talking about the video. It has no idea what “socialize” is. Typical moronic Right. And ironic as hell, because to socialize is a GOOD thing.

              The word she was looking for was “nationalize.”

              • Correct. In her comment nationalizing oil companies could have stabilized the prices the Shell exec was whining about in the video. That was her point. It was a slip of the tongue.
                mix socially with others.
                “he didn’t mind socializing with his staff”
                synonyms: interact, converse, be sociable, mix, mingle, get together, meet, fraternize, consort; entertain, go out; informalhobnob
                “these are not the type of people we want you socializing with”
                transfer (a major branch of industry or commerce) from private to state ownership or control.

                • Anonymous

                  LMAO David Spell and just what else has she had a tongue slip on ? The woman is simply brain dead.

                  • Anonymous

                    Thanks Spell you gave the definition that was the usage by the congresswoman transfer (a major branch of industry or commerce) from private to state ownership or control. and that is SOCIALISM

                  • semichorus

                    She said “socialize.”

                    The Alt-Right said, “She said SOCIALIZE!”

                    They have no idea what the word means, let alone the concept. That’s because they’re nightmarishly stupid and reactionary.

                    (and btw, what’s wrong with nationalizing the oil companies? People are actually sympathetic to them?)

  2. Anonymous

    Comey is fired. He was on to too much. A new Saturday Night Massacre.

    Trump is a crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

  3. Anonymous

    So how many months has the city council waited to look into the 50k gift of tax money to the yes on Measure B Campaign Mr Schiff ? It’s what like 18 times 50 now ?

  4. Anonymous

    Hints? Get real. Lying is their job. Including Schiff.

  5. Liz

    David Spell am shocked that you are out there putting yourself on the level of Mz Waters. Keep in mind that she has a very interesting history of saying whatever comes into her mind to promote her own interests with no regard to how from one minute to the next she contradicts herself. Makes me wonder about your motivations in a few things.

    • semichorus

      She’s also one of them Black People too. We know how they are.

    • Not defending Waters at all. I could give two shits about national politics at the moment and I don’t watch TV news so I have no idea what you’re raving on and on about. The US will never be a socialist state (so calm down) but we have social programs. Pretty tough to argue that Medicaid and Social Security are bad things. But you’re not interested in facts. Just mud slinging and hatred. Good for you. I didn’t watch the clip BTW. No need to.

  6. Anonymous

    David Spell is nothing but a bottom feeder that needs to invest in some new clothes. Face it the guy supported his good buddy Sousa who is another bottom feeder. Sousa has anger issues and a need to seek attention just look at his assault history at a school. Did that bother Spell ? Nope so we all can just say birds of a feather and I bet if Congresswoman Water saw Spell she would tell him to bugger off.

    • semichorus

      Is Burbank still worth helping?

      Really now, isn’t it chock full of idiots and morons now? The local numbnut quotient is greater than I’ve ever seen.

      • Still obsessed with my looks I see. Creepy as always. These people sit in front of their TVs or computers and spin themselves into a frenzy of hatred all day long. They will never look at the world inquisitively or in any enlightened way. I pity them. Oh and I won’t speak for Greg Sousa except to say it’s pretty easy to slander people when you don’t know the facts. But you don’t care about facts, just my wardrobe.

  7. Anonymous

    So Spell is you really think the Hotel Association is such a big deal why are you so silent on this one with Waters ???

  8. Anonymous

    I am sure that Mayor Rogers is wayching this and he will make sure the replacement trees will be done correctly. Spell and his clown show are just spreading fear and hate again.

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