Sunday night repose


No, there will always be an England.



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11 responses to “Sunday night repose

  1. Marcos

    Singer Joy Villa wears a Make America Great Again hat and T shirt on the streets of New York city and gets a very good response.

    • semichorus

      She walks around Times Square in a Bozo suit and thinks it means something. Let her go to Harlem and watch what happens.

      All she’s proving is that people in Manhattan are exceedingly polite and nice — especially the Blacks — and that there’s no crime. Big f’ing deal. Trump is HATED in NYC.

      I was in the subways the day after the election. She wouldn’t have dared show up. People were traumatized.

  2. Britany

    Milo announces his return and part of it will be a free speech week at U.c. Berkley get ready antifa you have awakened a giant.

    • semichorus

      Milo’s a pussy. Nothing stopping him from getting up on a stump at Sproul Plaza and speaking to his heart’s content. He needs an invite?

      Pussy. Like Abbie Hoffman got invitations from college administrators to speak on campus. Yeah, what world was that.

      Such phonies these righties are. Liars galore.

      • Burbank Cat

        I have mad respect for Milo. He stands up for his beliefs and the beliefs of others and inspires others to stand up against the liberal madness and destruction. Milo really is the dangerous faggot, just as he says he is.

      • Rick

        Milo is dead on, Feminism is a cancer and the pussies are the guys who fall for the feminist trash.

  3. Jeff

    so true the liberals hate it when you laugh at them – go MILO

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