Penis envy

Or something like that.



Remember all those backyard workshops we used to have? They went along with the union jobs.

There’s always a right way and a wrong way.

(This is the headlight switch for late 50’s Jaguar sedans and roadsters. Not only is it a multi-function switch, it also acts as junction box of sorts for other low-current applications.)




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3 responses to “Penis envy

  1. Anonymous

    Previous generations were handy had to learn to fix things on their own. Then with very little entertainment available you had to woodwork knit sew to keep from going stir crazy.

  2. Anonymous

    Everything we buy today is disposable. Imagine getting a decade out of a laptop. Or a cell phone.

  3. Rick

    Everything disposable and everything plastic yet the loonies want zero waste and decide to ban plastic bags. If we really care about the environment we ban Starbucks

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