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  1. Anonymous

    Back to our local election. Firstly, that piece of crap cartoon in the Leaderless last week against Gordon was obnoxious and implied he somehow stole the election. It shows a cop in front of Gordon office with Springer. Inside his office is ” her ” council chair. The cop says guess we found your missing chair. Not even funny,nor does it make sense. It also implies that Sharon didn’t win fair and square. She did, I didn’t vote for her, but that was just dumb. Also , next year , 2018, a year from now Luddy will become mayor.. yes a nightmare.. but also her re-election year. Her term is up in 2019.. remember how Bric blocked Gordon from becoming mayor, cause it was an election year and he didn’t think it was appropriate.. such BS. funny how they gave such short memories up there …

    • semichorus

      Golonski claimed the same about McConkey. “He’d be mayor during the re-election….”

      How many times was Golonski mayor during his re-election? Or any of the others? Like Talamantes?

      Mary Lou Howard was passed over as well, earlier.

  2. Anonymous

    Where is this from?

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