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  1. Joe

    Give it a rest. Obama care was a complete failure and was on a crash course. Leave it stand and not just health care would crash in on everyone. Projections were that no pne could afford it in just one more year with rates rising close to 100% in much of the country already. Not to mention it was a job killer. That’s the fundamental failure of socialism, you run out of other peoples money.

  2. Anonymous

    Yeah, I did notice the silly attempt to degrade the white man. What, if I told Amanda that all women are whores because they have sex with a person who typically then gives them items of value? Would she have been able to dispute that fact?

  3. Anonymous

    A very racist comment from one whom I’m sure prides herself being a rainbow snowflake. Oh the hypocrisy of the spoiled little pampered kids.

  4. chad

    Blowhard Anon. You’re either really stupid or a pathological liar. You’re right. Obamacare was flawed. It needs to be fixed by implementing universal health coverage for all. Trump stands for nothing other than keeping his name in the media. It wasn’t that long ago that he supported universal health insurance. Duh.

  5. Matilda

    Last week the California bill that would become a “Medicare for all” or so called “universal care” came out of committee. It would cover all California residents. Many details to be outlined but the sponsored bill could be voted on by the state legislature by the end of the year.

    • Ed

      as California heads ever closer to bankruptcy.

      • semichorus

        Lies lies lies.

        Why doesn’t your crowd all move to the desert and then use your guns to shoot each other.

        • Anonymous

          “Why doesn’t your crowd all move to the desert and then use your guns to shoot each other.” Then who would pay for your universal healthcare?

          • M.J.

            All these liberals can do is insult anyone with a different opinion or tell them to die or fuck off. Never can they actually discuss or even really defend their opinions with anything but insults and accusations. Liberals are so pathetic.

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