Animation? Let’s talk about “animation”


When they start coming up with stuff like this down on San Fernando and Orange Grove, let us know.



Until that day comes you can cram it, Burbank.

Keep your stupid, puerile, monster-fantasy crap to yourselves. Or go read a book instead. A real one.

One of the best bookstores in California is right there. So go into it.





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6 responses to “Animation? Let’s talk about “animation”

  1. chad

    Well thanks for that film Semi. I’m going to have nightmares for a week. That was great.
    Try this excerpt:

  2. Felipe P.

    What is Cinco de Mayo. It is NOT Mexico’s independence day and most Americans have no idea what it really is so here is the history behind it and yes the USA has a part to play in the full story, a good part to play in the freedom of Mexico.

  3. Lucky

    I am annoyed that Rogers will be mayor and we will listen to that man trying to mansplain things to us. We have two brilliant women on the council now and they should be the mayor and the vice mayor. These men on the council need to go far away from power.

  4. Anonymous

    Angel Bamm has no photo
    Loud banging
    Angel Bamm from Burbank (E Cypress-E Olive) · 47m ago
    I was sleeping soundly last night until I heard loud sex from the place next door (no pun intended) and it woke me up at around 2am. I hoped that it was just a slip and they’ll quite down but the moaning and screaming continued intermittently for minutes. My wife also woke up and she started poking me. I was way too tired to do anything so I pretended that I was still asleep. Not sure how you guys to with situations like this. Do you go to the neighbor and talk it out? Do you let it go? Do you call the police? Do you put on loud music? I really don’t want to interrupt them. Must be the warm weather so they left their windows wide open. Maybe I should leave a note?
    Shared with Burbank (E Cypress-E Olive) + 12 nearby neighborhoods in General

    • semichorus

      Loud sex in Burbank? Really?

      Last time that happened was when … well, I won’t say. But there is an old video of her on Youporn. Gets millions of hits.

      You guys could always jack off to it. That’s what most people do.

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