The people already voted against it. So why do they keep talking about it?


On the current agenda for the latest Charter Commission meeting is a list of topics for open discussion by the group. Ostensibly “identified by Committee Members” as issues of concern, you know damn well that it’s really staff members instead who are pushing these individual topics.  No one normal in Burbank for instance is running to the meeting table with these kinds of singular interests.

Notably absent from their official list btw is the topic of “rent control,” which shows you just how Democratic these supposed Democrats are now who we have sitting on the council. As Dems they’re useless.

Conspicuously present though is this concern:

6. Direct appointment of Clerk and Treasurer…

Why? Sorry guys, but the Burbank voters turned you down flat the last time you tried to foist this blatant consolidation of private power onto the residents. So why do you keep pushing it?

City council handpicking of these two jobs is a terrifically bad and undemocratic idea. If anything, this rubber-stamp “charter committee” should be talking instead about whether or not the city attorney’s office ought to be put to a public vote, as it is in other towns. Not reducing voter power even more.

Burbank’s Charter is getting too ridiculously big anyway. The reason for this constant (and, in Burbank, unprecedented) move to keep revising the Charter over and over again is because staff wants to use it to permanently memorialize their own particular management issues and political concerns. And those of their Burbank “friends.”

Because once in there, it’s impossible for any future city council to amend or remove them. Most of the matters of concern on this latest agenda — if at all valid, which is dubious — should be revised instead by the ordinance process.





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7 responses to “The people already voted against it. So why do they keep talking about it?

  1. Al in SoCal

    Shouldn’t worry as it will need to be approved by voters.

    • semichorus

      Yeah. That Bastion of Wisdom.

      So tell us Al how it was that you played the shill role for them so willingly.

      • Al in SoCal

        Sure – attack. They will put the controversial proposals on a separate line.
        Also – we’re both a little lost – you are highlighting voter stupidity while arguing that they should be in charge of voting for a treasurer and city clerk – while I’m doing the opposite.

        The *only* reason I was for this was that the city clerk said if somehow the good folks of Burbank voted in an empty box to either of those positions – the city would need to pay that person AND hire someone who would take care of the day to day responsibilities. I was also for putting this on a separate line on the ballot – so when you say “shill” – I say middle-ground operator.

        • semichorus

          They wanted to appoint the two people. They were misleading you.

          The same reason they wanted to appoint a council replacement, rather than worry about a Gordon type getting in there. Which is what happened.

          What was their explanation on THAT one?

  2. Eileen

    I think we change that charter so the prople elect our mayor. They can play games with vice mayor but the voters elect the mayor.

    • semichorus

      I think we should get rid of the “council manager form of government.’

      It gives WAY too much unaccountable power to the CM. In fact, it’s ILLEGAL for the council to interfere with him or her. And their personal contracts always guarantee even MORE autonomy.

    • Al in SoCal

      I’d agree with this. Also need to look at district based voting – at least the seeds so in the next iteration it might become a reality.

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