Don’t you know that rude questions are no longer allowed?







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54 responses to “Don’t you know that rude questions are no longer allowed?

  1. Incognito

    They ALL drink that Kool Aid, Will & Emily? This yo you might have meant Jess & Bob??? If not, surely tells you what kinda of council it’s going to be… one full of RETIRED former government/city employee’s for the most part with Will having worked in the private sector, however, Stealing from his bosses and doing the herb smoking. this town is in for a real rude awakening.

    • semichorus

      And — in a later job — deliberately pissing off the local music critic who was ALREADY going after his boss.

      I wonder if Will had anything to do with pissing off Fleischmann as well. Who later basically FIRED his boss.

      Didya, Mr. Mayor?

      I always used to wonder why Previn had such major personality conflicts and issues with the management and others back then. They eventually forced him out. I always thought it was too much Tchaikovsky or something.

      Until …

      I heard he hired Rogers as his assistant! The jr dirty trickster in training.

  2. Anonymous

    Rude anything should not be tolerated at pur city council meetings. There should be no warnings because that wastes time. People who are rude should be taken away by the police. That is what we have police for is to keep the peace.

    • Anonymous

      ” Anonymous
      May 1, 2017 at 4:13 pm
      Rude anything should not be tolerated at pur city council meetings. There should be no warnings because that wastes time. People who are rude should be taken away by the police. That is what we have police for is to keep the peace.”
      Then Will should have his ass hauled off. Oh, and you’re an idiot.

  3. Good for Dr. Gordon. He spoke his peace and remained classy throughout. Loved how he said he’d return. Until then I hope people reading this will join me in holding the new Council accountable.

    • Al in SoCal

      I hope he writes something for a blog or the leader about his time on the council. 11 years .. wow.

    • Al in SoCal

      You know David – I also expected a thank you to Burbank voters for putting him in office for 11 years. Is that something we shouldn’t expect?

      It’s typical and classy to thank voters even if you do not win – not to mention campaign volunteers and supporters like you. I actually thought he wouldn’t because I don’t particularly care for his views and but waited thinking I might be wrong.

      So far I’m not.

      • Well you missed the reorganization meeting on Monday. He certainly thanked voters at about an 1 hour and 18 minutes into the meeting. He also reached out to me personally a number of times to thank me.

        • Al in SoCal

          One out of 5100+… Nice for you perhaps, but the others? You don’t really have an explanation? This is part of the reason I didn’t like him as a councilmember.

          • semichorus

            You’re very naive Al. The others up there are shills for the Man. Gordon’s the only one who ever challenged the status quo. Rogers — at best, the one who should know better — is a longtime co-opted sellout.

            Gordon’s also a liberal Dem.

          • Yeah we get you don’t like him. Which council member passes muster for you? Who’s the model they should all aspire to?

            • Al in SoCal

              My bad – I only read the last part of your comment where he thanked you – I just read the whole thing.
              Better … as to who passes muster, I think Sharon Springer will surprise you. The big question is when she does – will you give her credit?

              • semichorus

                Unless she comes out in favor of increased renters protections and more police oversight, she won’t surprise me.

                • Al in SoCal

                  Police oversight could be ingrained in the City Charter. There was raucous debate over codifying what was already in the ordinance that established the Police Commission – this is a perfect item to be pushed by all around if this is truly what is wanted – should a Charter Review Committee convene.

              • I supported her in 2015. I know her personally why wouldn’t I give her credit. But I will remind you she went negative and on the attack in this election. My critiques were pretty tame compared to what she started during this campaign on social media and I could have been much worse in my criticisms. Also when I catch anyone on the Council in a lie I am going to call them out. If she keeps her nose clean I will give credit where credit is due.

  4. Anonymous

    Hey Kev., you spelled the name of one of your delusional leaders incorrectly. Focus boy.

    • Burbank Bill

      probably cuz Talpaia doesnt open until 2019 . so in theory too soon for WF to list it as “coming soon” …IF they still indeed plan on opening a store there

  5. Tee

    Good riddance to that classless oaf Gordon, who went out with the same lack of class and dignity as he came in. He has had some good competition, but, he is clearly at or near the top of the very worst Burbank city council people of recent history. A legacy of nothing to show and despised by all of Burbank except for the Tuesday night gadfly idiots who adore him. Thank goodness Burbank voters turned that disgusting blowhard out of office.

    • semichorus

      Such a lie.

    • At least Dr. Gordon asked tough questions. Looking forward to the next Council election. This current Council is about to turn Burbank into Glendale while no one is paying attention. But people will know what’s up by the next election and start to really despise the current group – especially when the Burbank overpass is closed. Just wait.

      • semichorus

        Expect an awful lot of giggling up there from that crowd. Especially from the women.

        This will be like the 2000-2004 or so council, back with Laurell. Credulous, dumb, enthusiastic about the worst ideas in the world, thankful for staff for being “so willing” to show up on Tuesday nights for their meetings, and — because of this, just like in 2004 (and this is the good part) — completely responsible for the next upcoming mess.

        • Al in SoCal

          “Expect an awful lot of giggling up there from that crowd. Especially from the women.”

          Why especially the women?

          • semichorus

            Because that’s what they do here. They giggle.

            It’s acculturated. And I hate it. It’s stupid and demeaning.

            • Anonymous

              Because you are a misogynist.

              • Anonymous

                ” Anonymous
                May 3, 2017 at 6:28 pm
                Because you are a misogynist.”

                Oh lookie, this person hiding behind the alias just played the “woman card”…Sharon, is that you? Semi stated a fact, and you proved one.

                • Anonymous

                  YOU’RE not hiding behind an alias?

                  Tell us your name and address, tough guy.

                  • Al in a Cloud

                    123 Bandini Road, Red Star, New Mexico
                    And how long have you been following this blog?

                  • Anonymous

                    ” Al in a Cloud
                    May 5, 2017 at 7:01 pm
                    123 Bandini Road, Red Star, New Mexico
                    And how long have you been following this blog?”
                    No such address, dickweed. And, like the coward you are you left out your name. LOL, such they typical loser, loner troll. How long you been trolling this board “Al”?

      • Anonymous

        Gordon slept in council session. I saw him do so in his last appearance in a regular session. Some watch dog.

        As for the Burbank over pass closure causing discontent and hostility toward the council, that sounds like you: council has nothing to do with the closure.

    • Anonymous

      ” Tee
      May 2, 2017 at 10:18 am
      Good riddance to that classless oaf Gordon, who went out with the same lack of class and dignity as he came in”

      Yeah, I prefer that articulate, dignified Rogers. He’s the real deal when it comes to knowing about things….like arrogance, classless, nothing to show for a lifetime except living off his wife much like his buddy Golonski…you know what sociopaths do. Sharon will complement him nicely.

  6. Anonymous

    Don’t see Burbank here either.

    • semichorus

      That’s 365.

      But a new one in North Hollywood? And a WF in nearby Burbank, too?

      • Greg

        One of the worst councilmen in history was Golonski, who by the way is the reason for our decayed infrastructure and our gigantic 300 million retirement fund debt. Very fitting that his 3 stooges get to deal with it. The 3 stooges are Frutoes, Rogers, and springfield.

        • Anonymous

          FROM THE LINK: ” Apartments and a Whole Foods Market Coming to North Hollywood” By Steven Sharp | February 22, 2017 ”

          Yes, that kool-aid has been repeated for 4 years….and still NO PROOF! Just more rhetoric about shiny objects to get people to vote the way the developer wants.

  7. Jan

    I don’t think we will get a Whole Foods because most of Burbank won’t be able to afford it. I think a Walmart Super Market is more likely.

    • Anonymous

      Those Talaria apartments are supposed to go for what? $4k per month. Anyone who can afford that can afford WF.

      • semichorus

        You’d have to be out of your FUCKING MIND to pay more than 1800 to 2000 dollars in Burbank.

        • Anonymous

          Yet Cusumano thinks he’s going to get $4k. I think I trust his judgement over yours.

          • semichorus

            Anyone who spends that much to live in Burbank is nuts.

            And where does he live….?

            • Anonymous

              Possibly. Does that mean that nobody is going to pay $4k per apartment? Obviously not.
              And what difference does it make to the question as to where Cusumano lives? How does that matter if you are asking will he fill Talaria at $4k per apartment?

              • Anonymous

                The views of the lovely lovely 134 (and the ever-present deadly exhaust fumes) are worth $5,000 a month. Luxury!!!

                • Anonymous

                  I thought it was $4k. And apparently they are worth that price, or else Cusumano has made a huge mistake. And I don’t think he makes mistakes like that.

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